10 Types Of Popular Western Dance Forms In India

Dance is all about expressions. Some people dance to please others, and others dance to express themselves. India is renowned for its rich culture and diversity, which includes varied dance forms, but people are most familiar with the Indian classical dance forms more than the western dance forms of the country. Below are ten different types of popular western dance forms that one must know about.


Jazz is a form of dance that began in the United States in the mid-twentieth century. People typically inject their personalities into this dance style. Simple turns, including some jazz and ballet turns, are included in the dance moves. The “Jazz walk” and “Contraction” are two of the most well-known signature moves of this dance style. Despite its popularity, this dance form is difficult to master.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is known to be a well-known dance form of India.  It requires a lot of flexibility and even includes other forms of dance like locking and popping. Hip Hop is usually performed in dance battles since it is a type of “freestyle” and is primarily performed on Hip Hop music to gain momentum. Hip Hop even helps your body be in shape and charges you up.

Contemporary Dance

Though it looks like ballet, Contemporary dance generally requires a high level of poise and clarity in your hand and foot movements. It is a mixture of different dance forms that use floor work and contract release, and it’s usually performed to slow, flowing music. Seeing anyone perform contemporary dance is a visual treat.


Ballet is a lyrical dance style that is performed by professional dancers. There are two styles of ballet: Classical ballet and modern ballet. Classical ballet allows you to wear classical clothing, while modern ballet does not. For a ballet dance to look beautiful, the hand and foot movements must be in sync and transparent. The music varies depending on the type of ballet being performed.

Belly Dance

Belly Dance is an Arabic style of dance in which the upper body and belly move. The primary focus of Belly Dance is on some movements such as Percussive movements, which include hip movements, Fluid movements, which include constant movement of the body, and Vibration movements, which have body twists and turns.


The Waltz is a dance style created in the 18th century by the legendary John Strauss, also known as the Waltz King. It is a ballroom dance that is relatively easy to learn and does not necessarily require any prior experience. It’s almost like a go-to dance style that everyone can do. Some of its variations are Gliding, Rapid, Dipping Boston, and Whirling Viennese.

Break Dance

Breakdance, also known as B-Boy or Street Dance, is a form of dance that originated in the United States of America. It is a type of dance that does not involve any special attire; it can be performed in a sweatsuit or any other comfortable clothing with a pair of sneakers. All you need to have while doing this dance is a good amount of energy and wit. Top Rock, Footwork, and Transitions are some of its dance moves.

Tap Dance

Tap dance is a form of street dance that began in the United States of America. It’s a simple dance to learn because all you have to do is tap your feet. All you have to do is put on a nice pair of heels and tap in time with the music. This dance form’s sound beat is a mixture of American and British music, and it’s fun to watch and perform this dance.


Swing is a popular western dance style that dates back to the late 1940s. Chicken Walks, Coaster Moves, Anchor Steps, The Lindy Hop Swingout, and Jumping Joe are some of the steps involved. It comes in varied styles, including Boogie Woogie, Rodeo Swing, and Bal Swing, performed on the count of six. This dance style is a little unique, but it’s a lot of fun to learn.


Salsa is a popular dance style in India that began in Cuba. It’s called a couple- dance because it usually requires dancing with a partner. In this dance, all you need is superb coordination and posture. While Salsa is commonly thought of as a partner dance, there are solo forms such as Suelta and Rueda de Casino, which are more advanced versions of the dance.

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