10 Types Of Turn Ons For Men And Women

Men and women both have different turn-ons. What turns on the guy won’t work for the girl and vice versa. Turn-ons are merely a way to get someone hot and bothered. This is a process in which a person shows they want the other person in a very sensual way. There are no limitations to this. Things may get steamy and sexy, and nobody will judge you.

P.S.: these turn ons work for LGBTQ+ babies also. :*

Let us look at some major turn ons for guys and girls.

For guys:-

Make the first move, take control!

Guys don’t always like to be the first one to do everything, sometimes you girls have to make sure that you make the first move, take them by surprise. First of all, this will show them how fierce you are also they’ll think she is the “she gets what she wants” type. This will make them go crazy for you.

Get him hot over texts

This is exactly how you break the ice and get a little naughty over texts. For example, you can say things like- Netflix and CHILL?, oh, can’t meet you today but I’ll make it up to you ;), I wish you were here to help me with my dress, etc!  This will for sure get him bothered.

Signals for naughty thoughts

You don’t always have to use words, sometimes signals or actions are more than enough, like; use your secret naught signal whenever you are in public, touch him under the table, make a signal with your hands, signal him to go out with you “for fresh air” but in actuality you guys will sneak out and YOU KNOW THE REST.

Give him a massage

This is where things get steamy. When he comes home tired, give him a nice shoulder or foot massage, and let your guy know that you care. This will take him by surprise. You can keep your massaging motions sensual and also, there are more body parts, too. 😉

Wear the lingerie he loves the most on you


Get in his choice of lingerie for you and show off those beautiful curves, ladies. This will be a huge turn on for him, tease him and make him work for it.  Let him help you with the whole undressing process and later on surprise him with what you are wearing. This will for sure portray you as confident and sexy, and the guy will be super horny. It’s a plus-plus for both!

For girls-

Neck kisses

Um, hello! Neck kisses are by far the most sexiest and sensual kind of kisses for any and every girl and I can bet on that. Girls love to be kisses and instead of kissing just her lips, explore the area, move to her neck and you’ll know what I am talking about.

Touch her under the table (only if she is interested in you)

Imagine you and your girl are somewhere out, having your meal or at an event. Just touch her legs, hands or anything (what’ll be comfortable plus hot for her) and show that you are there for support or as a signal or telling her that she is hot and you really want her. *sneaking out would be the result*

When the guy smells good and dresses well

Guys can swoon a girl over by his looks but when a guy dresses well and smells amazing.. It’ll make the girl go weak in the knees. Wear your classiest clothes and put on some of your best cologne, take her out or just be close to her, it will driver her crazy and she’ll pay even more attention to you.

Whisper in her ear

Get close to her face, whisper sweet (or sexy) things in her ear, this will make her feel your warmth and for sure turn her on. The Goosebumps she will get by this gesture will show that your trick is working.  

The look

Look straight into her eyes; show her your love, care, affection and lust. She’ll know what you mean by that look in just a second. Look at her when you are far from her, at an event, with friends or any situation, this is going to act as a signal.  

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