11 Types Of Indian Bread That Are The Best

Indian cuisine, culture, heritage is very rich and famous among others so, as there exist different types of cuisines there also exist different taste and method of preparation. In every different cuisine, the type or the method by which rotis are made is different so that be the specialty of it. Now when in Amritsar, one can’t leave without having that big, fat Bhatura and also how one can leave without tasting Ragi roti when in South of India. Let’s see the 11 best Indian Bread.

Akki Roti

Akki roti is famous in Kerala and Rice means Akki so the main ingredient in the process of making the roti is Rice. Though it tastes bland it is very soft and fluffy, people prefer to have it with spicy chutneys, or curries. The whole process right from kneading the dough till the rolling of roti it takes 45 min and once it is ready, one will say after having it that waiting was worth.


How about vegetables as stuffing in roti, yes it is the same In Thalipeeth, here the dough is made by mixing different types flours wheat, all-purpose flour and spices like red chilli powder, salt, turmeric powder also finely chopped onions and handful of freshly chopped coriander is also added as it adds different flavour to it. This type of roti is famous in Maharashtra and Gujarat.


White, soft, chewy kind of roti made up of all-purpose flour, yoghurt and yeast. At the time of dough preparation, it needs a lot of water and once kneaded it is very soft and easy to turn into small balls. Tandoor in which naan is roasted and is made up of clay. Naan is paired with chicken gravy or mutton well.

Ragi Roti

Ragi looks similar to mustard seed but is quite large and is dark brown. This seed is rich in fibre and helps lower cholesterol level, it is also recommended for weight loss and is good food to have. Ragi roti is famous in Southern part of India and the stuffing is on the same lines as that of Thalipeeth. It is best to serve for lunch as well as dinner.


Poori as such doesn’t have its speciality based with the region but is served widely and people love to have it. This is made up the unleavened dough from whole wheat flour and is served mainly with ‘Aloo ki sabzi’. This dish is considered to be a sacred one and is also prepared in Punjab widely when goddess Durga is welcomed.


The most famous breakfast for people from Kerala, Tamil Nadu appam is a pancake made up of fermented rice batter and coconut milk. They are small and round in appearance. Appam is served with chutney and has different taste according to the region and the process of preparing it differs too.

Makki ki roti

Who won’t get water in the mouth, after saying Makki ki roti and yes, of course, one has imagined it with Sarson da saag, as they go hand-in-hand. The most renowned dish from Punjab is widely served during winters and is sometimes topped with either butter or honey. The small restaurants in Punjab serve this desi dish, which tastes delicious.

Amritsari Kulcha

The dough for kulcha is made up of all-purpose flour similar to the dough of naan and is hard and not as soft as naan dough. Kulcha has a lot of variations such as stuffed, plain, butter and many more. People find naan and kulcha same but they are not same, the key difference is that yeast and yoghurt are added to naan dough to make it soft whereas kulcha’s dough is hard.


This can be said as naan, but the sweet one as it has milk added t it which is flavoured with cardamom and saffron. The origin of this bread is from Iran and steadily it got spread to North India. The main ingredient here is milk, all-purpose flour, saffron and ghee.

Roomali Roti

As the name indicates, ‘’Roomali’’ means handkerchief so this type of roti is as soft as a handkerchief and generally, in restaurants it is made up of all-purpose flour. Roomali roti served with any type of gravy tastes delicious and once had is stomach filling too.


It is made up of different flour in different regions. Some prefer to make bhakri with rice flour, bajra flour, wheat flour and also sometimes with finger millet. This is staple bread and can be served with curd, chutney or vegetable. The texture of it can be soft or as hard as khakhras. This is widely seen in regions of Maharashtra and Gujarat sometimes also witnessed in Konkan regions.

With these 11 best Indian bread some are eaten daily while some are eaten occasionally. Though the preparations are the same sometimes people get confused due to the names of it, as some region call it differently and vice versa. Whenever in any region of India don’t forget to try their special Roti.

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