12 Types Of Nail Paints You Can Try

With fashion being everyone’s area of interest, the fashion game has been taking to a whole new level. People want everything to be stylish, whether if it’s your hair, your footwear, or even your nail paint. Nail paints are an important part of the fashion game, which has lead to development are its various forms. Here are 12 types of nail paint available that you would surely love to try on.

1. Creme

When it comes to nail polish Creme is the standard style, which never runs out of fashion. It is low-maintenance and is available in a broad spectrum of shades. Creme has an opaque polish with a glossy finish. It is an ideal choice for beginners who don’t know much about nail paints.

2. Metallic

Metallic nail paints are for people who love adding an extra touch to their style. If you looking forward to high impact looks this is something you should surely try. Your nails will healthier because of the shiny effect. They will easily catch people’s eyes and creates a gorgeous momentum for your nails. Your nails will healthier because of the shiny effect.

3. Gel

Gel is the trendiest form of nail paint in today’s time. People can create different DIY variations out of them. Another reason that they are so alluring is that they last longer than the rest. Salon gel manicures are immensely popular since the gel stays chip-free for weeks.

4. Chrome

Chrome is much more of a manicure, you can buy chrome nail paint. But to get a perfect reflective shine you need many more products such as chrome powder, a sponge applicator, and a nail lamp. But this long procedure will surely be worth it!!! If you want to glam up yourself, then Chrome nail paint is a perfect choice.

5. Pearl

Pearl is the most versatile type of nail paint, that will provide you with a delicate sheen. Pearl nail paint is what you need for a glamourous look. As the name suggests, this form is inspired by the pearls. Pearl nail paints will be commonly found in the following colors; white, cream, cream rose, peach, powder rose, grey, and purple.

6. Glitter

Also known as shimmer nail paint, are playful, fun, and offer the perfect summer beauty fix. When you apply glitter nail paint brace yourself for a tougher-than-usual removal process. But glitter nail paint is surely worth that effort. Most of the glitter shade includes flecks of glitter suspended in a clear gloss polish. So make sure you buy the correct one.

7. Matte

Not many people believe this but, matte nail polish does look good year-round. According to most people, they are associated only with the holiday season. This nail polish style is unique since it is anti-shine. But they provide high-quality polishes that offer plenty of depth. Matte nail polish lends a modern, chic touch to our nails. Most of the women mostly prefer to apply a darker matte shade.

8. Sheer

Unlike most nail paints, Sheer nail paints include almost-clear nail shades. They are not quite translucent but nowhere near opaque either, they often come in chic beiges or light pinks shades. These are for those who enjoy minimalist nail cravings. They help for nails to feel clear and zen but still slightly tinted for seasons to come.

9. Foil

Foil nail paint is a member of metallic nail paint, it is a high-shine variant with a specific look and texture. It is the named foil, because of the way the polish tends to catch and reflect light. Almost every shade of this type is similar to aluminum. Another preferable choice for a glam look, and an ideal choice for light night parties.

10. Neon

Nothing can ever beat the retro aesthetics of vibrant neon polish, a perfect choice for a throwback look. From hot pink to traffic-cone orange, neon nail paints are always eye-catching. They tend to lean toward the matte end of the spectrum in terms of finish. Various versions of this nail paint even glow in dark. Wearing this might require some courage, but it will for sure help you ROCK!

11. Holographic

Holographic nail paint is just like a regular one, but with the addition of a pigment called Spectraflair. Holographic makeup has been trending all over the world, and no it has been extended to nails too. This type is light reflective and iridescent. Holographic nail paint allows its users an ethereal quality that pairs well with spring and summer, especially during the summer season.

12. Magnetic

Magnetic nail paint is truly the modern age nail paint. It is quite popular among the current trends. Once the nail polish is applied a small magnet included in the bottle cap acts on tiny metal particles in the polish to create beautiful stripes, waves, or other creative designs. If you love experimenting, magnetic nail paint is surely not a bad idea.

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