12 Types Of Paratha (flat breads) That Can Take You To A Tasty Trip

A paratha is a flatbread originated from India. it is also consumed in Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Paratha in other words means layers or dough. it is made from all kinds of flour be it wheat flour, gram flour, corn flour, etc. Parathas can be eaten at any time of the day and with different kinds of sauces, chutney, lentil, curd or anything that goes with it.
Without further ado let’s take a look at some best and tastiest kinds of parathas.

Aloo (potato) paratha

As the name suggests, an aloo paratha is the most common and tastiest of them all, and it is consumed by everybody. This paratha is made by filling up some spicy mashed potato filling in flat bread which is rolled out again and cooked. People like to eat it with lemon pickle and curd. They taste amazing even after a day!

Paneer paratha

Paneer or Cottage cheese paratha is considered as a fancy paratha. You can eat it anytime but people like to eat it in breakfast because cottage cheese is high in protein and you need them proteins, my friend.

Onion paratha

Ahan! Here we get on route of Punjab. All the onion lovers are a fan on this paratha. It can be eaten with dal makhani or with any chutney. Fried onions or caramelised, onion paratha is a blessing.

Lachha paratha

Lachha paratha originated from the northern side of India. Lachha means layers and that is exactly what the paratha has. This paratha is rolled many times and that is how it gets those amazingly soft yet crunchy layers. You can eat any kind of vegetable curry with this!

Matar (Peas) paratha

To be honest, this paratha has my heart and it is my favourite. Spiced mashed peas are stuffed in the bread and this makes the paratha amazing because on the inside it is soft and the outside is crunchy. Have it with sauce or curd, thank me later!

Besan paratha/ chila (gram flour pancake)

This pancake is spicy as it has different spices, onion and chillies. This chilla can make a good Tiffin box meal. You can have this for breakfast and also, you can have it with any kind of chutney and sauce.

Cheese paratha

Cheese paratha is loved by everyone. What you need to do is add a cheese slice inside the dough and roll it out. You can eat it with any kind of sauce and mayonnaise. Its heaven!

Tip; you can also add some green chilies and then the taste will double up!

Leftover dal paratha

Saviour! All the Indian mothers make this paratha using the leftover dal (lentil); it can be eaten for breakfast as well.

Sev paratha

Image courtesy: https://www.mygingergarlickitchen.com/

Best snack of all the time; Sev. Sev paratha is a flat bread filled with different kinds of sev. It’s like a flatbread which is crunchy and flavourful from the inside and soft from the outside.

Gobhi (cauliflower) paratha

In this paratha, the inside is filled with grated cauliflower that is roasted with masalas. It gives so many flavours in just one bite.

Sweet paratha

My favourite! This paratha is filled with sugar and sometimes jaggery.  It is topped with some ghee or butter. This paratha is perfect for kids but nobody can control their urge to have this. It’s a sweet-treat for everybody.

Pasta/Maggie paratha

This is the new age paratha! You will find this at every street paratha shop. You can make it at home as well just make any pasta that you like and fill it inside the flatbread dough. You’ll love this cheesy and amazing tasting paratha!

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