13 Types Of Handbags For Women

In this fast moving world to match with world’s speed one is always on their tenterhooks, always ready for any situation expecting the unexpected. Everyone is carrying all the essential things one needs to run through all days hustle. To carry all those things one needs a container to hold all the belongings and this is how Men/Women Handbags came into existence.  As said “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” So is the case here. In today’s world women and handbags are inseparable from one –another, now they are not just the container but a style statement as well. There are many women out there are who are handbag hoarders. Its USP is the fact that it is not only portable and handy but beautiful, elegant and fashionable too.

There are variety of handbags with different shapes, size, material and purpose to go with. So let’s check out a few before going out to buy new one. But before going let’s know the different between Purse and Handbags. Purse is something that is used to hold coins and money we can also say it Wallet it is mostly used by men. It is just the “Money Bag”. Whereas Handbags are larger when compared to a purse and it can hold objects other than currency like personal belongings too. So here is a list of types of women handbags, to watch for:

Baguette Bag

These are small compact bags, very first designed by an Italian company in 1997. It is a short strap bag which is usually rectangular in shape. It is preferably used in small -casual outings.

Barrel Bag

These are the bags as the name suggest of a barrel like structure with thick shoulder length straps. It is kind of a travel bag quite spacious.


As the name suggests it is self explanatory that this kind of bag doesn’t have a strap or may have detachable one, one has to clutch it and hence its name. It is something that can commonly be found in everyone’s wardrobe. It is always easy to carry due to its small size and it’s trendy too.

Sling Bag

This bag has a long single strap that goes across the body hence it is named so. It is small handy and comfortable for travelling, shopping etc.

Satchel Bag

These bags are good to go for working people of both genders but especially women as it act as not only daily use bag but laptop bag as well. So with its use no need of extra baggage as all basic can fit in it. It is good quality bag so long lasting and worth the purchase.

Minaudiere Bag

It is a type of clutch that is decorated with hard surface with jewels and ornaments. It is small in size.

Wristlet Bag

As the name is self explanatory it is the bag whose strap are somewhat like a bracelet fits into ones wrists. It is like clutch but the straps make the difference.

Hobo Bag

This bag got its name after the shape it looks like. It is large in size with crescent shape and long straps to wear on the shoulder. They are made of flexible material so it gets lean when set down.

Tote Bag

This bag is an oversized bag worn on shoulder. It is very spacious that’s make it preferable. It usually doesn’t have distinct compartments and it is opened from top.

Saddle Bag

Earlier these kinds of bags were used during horse riding to keep the basics. Earlier it was made with ladder and attached to the saddle of the horse that’s how the bag got its name. But now it has become more popular than the saddle itself.

Bowling Bag

As the name suggests it was made to keep the bowling balls. Now used for short travels.

Kiondo Bag

This bag is a hand-woven bag it is specially made in Kenya. It is made of Sisal. It takes almost two to three weeks to make a bag.


As it is made of fur it is considered as a winter bag .It can have compartments open or zipped with a small slip for hand to keep them warm. It is quiet popular in cold places.

The list can go on and on and one is never contended with it. There are many more bags out there all just you have to do is pick your favorite and flaunt it like a pro. Happy Shopping.

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