14 Types Of Abuse That Presently Exist

Abuse is generally referred to as the ill-treatment usually provided to various people, gender, things, and much more. Abuse can also be explained by the misuse that one might do of the authority or power appointed. Several types of abuses exist in the present world, amongst which most have managed to survive for a long time. Some of the abuses that one should fight against are listed and explained in short below: 

Abuse of authority

This is explained as the misuse of the authorities and powers assigned to an individual or a group of individuals. This generally takes place in a political setup where the ideas of their leaders might suppress common people.

Abuse of discretion

This type of abuse happens when there is a misjudgment of the laws and rules that exist. The improper and insufficient knowledge of the same generally leads to such abuse. 

Abuse of information

It refers to the ill-use and unauthorized leak or disclosure of information by any such person who is officially not recognized to use that specific piece of information.

Academic abuse

The abuse which generally takes place in an office or study place is termed academic abuse. It is majorly experienced by the junior staff of the institution in the name of inferiority in qualification as compared to the seniors present there.

Animal abuse

The ill-treatment of animals for human benefit is called animal abuse. This is common amongst hunters who hunt for animal skin, tusk, fur, and much more. It is generally the harm caused to the animal for a reason except for self-defense.

Child abuse

The abuse that is caused or might be caused due to psychological, physical, sexual, or emotional trauma that a child might have been put through at his/ her home, educational center, or anywhere else by the parents, caregiver, or any known person is classified as child abuse.

Sexual abuse

This type of abuse exists when a person is physically and sexually forced against his/ her will to get into a sexual relationship with the assailant. It can be at any point in life. Even the forced sexual involvement after marriages comes under this punishable abuse.

Disability abuse

Any physical or mental violence that a person with any disability is put through comes under this type of abuse. This is generally seen in schools, colleges, or neighborhoods and in the care centers where disabled people are mocked at times for their inability to perform a specific activity as normal people do.

Discriminatory abuse

This is amongst the most commonly seen abuse existing everywhere in the world. It has been classified in an endless number of types such as gender, age, lifestyle, dress up, caste, religion, gender, and much more. This is very common amongst the females who are oppressed by the male section of the society, religious people who are mocked, or people who are depicted as inferior by the lifestyle or ideology they follow.

Patient abuse

The negligence of doctors or authorities toward their patients is called patient abuse. This might also explain the physical and sexual assault that the patient might have faced under the oppression of higher authorities or the medical staff. 

Elder abuse

This is the sort of abuse that older adults might go through. This might be the emotional, mental or physical assault that the adult has been put through due to his/ her inability to fight back against the oppression. 

Financial abuse

This type of abuse generally includes false legal interpretations and the capture of land, money, jewelry, or any other valuables without the knowledge of the actual owner. This also occurs when there is a change in an individual’s property or valuables’ will without his/her permission and agreement.

Flag abuse

Flag abuse has laws in various countries. It refers to the disrespect caused to the flag in public by an individual or a group. It might be the burning of the flag, stepping on it, using it for commercial benefits, or any other way, which leads to the ill-treatment and disrespect of the flag. 

Human rights abuse

Keeping an individual from his/ her basic human rights, such as the right to education, freedom, speech and expression, equality, or religion, is termed human rights abuse. 

Each and every type of abuse mentioned and described above is punishable and unethical on part of any individual. Fighting back against them or helping the ones who face it, is the right thing to do on our part as human beings.

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