14 Types Of Kisses Everyone Should Or Must Have Experienced

kisses are one of the best ways of showing affection, love and care. There are many kinds of kisses and they have their own meaning and feeling. kissing a family member is different, kissing and friend is different and kissing your significant other is different on whole another level.

Here we are going to tell you about 14 best types of kisses that you should experience in the future or must have had them already.

Forehead kisses

Forehead kisses are a must in every relationship, Softest and innocent of them all. Every time you think about a forehead kiss it will give you a flashback of the time when your mother gave you one before going to the school. Right?

Eskimo kisses

Eskimo kisses are like touching a feather. All of you must have done this with a little baby or with anybody close to you and it makes you feel loved. For all those who don’t know; Eskimo kisses are the ones where you rub your nose with someone back and forth. It is so simple yet it gives a very beautiful feeling.

Cheek kisses          

You all must have given or received this kiss for sure! It is the simplest form of affection yet gives you so many feelings. If you are getting it from your family member, trust me, they are trying to show their affection and care for you. And, if you are getting this from your significant other than I can assure you that you will get butterflies in your tummy, because not everything has to be physical intimacy.

Hand kisses

Chivalry is not dead! Trust me, even boys love getting their hands kissed. It is a very genuine way of showing affection. These types of kisses are old-school but they are very much appreciated. Just like old times- where men used to greet women by kissing their hands. Ah!

French kisses

This was the kiss everyone used to talk about in school but in hushed tone. It’s is just like any other kiss but here the things get naughtier because it involves tongue, too. It takes a lot of trust and feelings to kiss or get kissed by someone this way.

Pecks kisses

Pecks are kisses which are done quickly and that lasts for less than a second. You know, that first kiss where you are scared but also want to show how much the other person is wanted and liked/loved. To explain better with an example- the kisses those are given when the significant other is in a hurry to go to work/college or something like that. Not just this but even parents kiss their little babies like this and IT IS SO CUTE!

Air kisses

These are like the most filtered yet cute kisses. Like; when you and the other person are sitting in two different corners but you blow a kiss in the air, just to show you don’t have to be near them to kiss them, it’s the feeling that counts.

Neck kisses

This is where things start getting hotter! It is a very intimate kind of kiss which can be shared only between people who are close to each other and most importantly very comfortable together. (FACT- neck kisses are a turn on for so many people.)

Aggressive kisses

Aggressive kisses scream just two things; lust and passion. They are full of lust and drama, exactly like movie scenes. Too dramatic but hot for some.

Lizard kisses

This kisses can only be done when people are way too comfortable with their significant other and are into freaky things. It’s quite weird at first but when you get used to it, it’s THE kiss.

Gentle kisses

These kinds of kisses are everybody’s favourite; they leave you wanting more of them. Gentle kisses are when someone holds onto your face and kisses you as softly and gently as possible. This kiss never fails to show the love someone has for their significant other.

Finger kisses

Finger kisses come somewhere between super cute and super intimate. It can be super cute when you are holding someone’s hand and they just kiss your finger, and super intimate when things are getting hot and someone’s kisses your finger sexily, it’s like a teaser of something that is coming after that.

Jaw line kisses

Jaw-line kisses always lead to neck kisses and ear kisses. There is no stopping after jaw-line kisses, sometimes kisses the lips is just not enough plus kissing the jaw line is like building a bridge to the neck and further lower.

Ear kisses

Ear kisses have always been intimate as they are a turn on for a lot of people. Also, when ear kisses are given then there is no turning back, it will lead to something super intimate.

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