15 Types Of Accessories For Men

It has been rightly said that a well-dressed man stands out in the crowd, his elegance sets him apart. So, add these accessories to get your look on point.


A classic watch can add more elegance in your style than any other accessory, whether it a formal look or a basic one it always gives an edge to outfit. There are different varieties of watches to choose from, go for a leather one for a basic look and a metal one for a formal look.

Hats/ Caps

A well- dressed man has been wearing hats for centuries, but now its often believed to be very difficult to wear properly, but once if you step out of your comfort zone hats can be very voguish. There are various types of caps cap like a fedora, homburg, Panama thus a lot more you can style it with your outfit appropriately, caps can complete any off any casual or formal in a basic yet cleaned way.

Ear Studs

Traditionally earrings are only been worn by the women, but now ear studs have become a common accessory for men. Ear studs give a certain edge to your outfit and it is best suited for street style.


Glass can really elevate your outfit from one to ten, sunglasses are the most common types of accessory seen during the summer times. Consider your facial shape when wearing eyewear rounder faces look better in glasses that are progressively rectangular, and faces with sharp highlights, for example, a solid facial structure can all the more effectively wear round glasses.


When it comes to men’s accessories bracelet is certainly a go-to piece along with a watch and a ring. Keep the pieces simple and try to opt. for simple pieces. Bracelet with some casual clothes along with some street style necklace is a go-to summer look this 2020.

Wallet/Fanny Pack

The main purpose of a wallet is to carry any form of currency, cards and all the useful things one requires but wallets can be more than that, they can act as an everyday accessory a good leather wallet can be useful as well as fashionable at the same time, so investing in a good wallet is never goes in vague.


Suspenders were a huge trend in the 90s, and now they are again gaining popularity, suspenders are basically like extended support of belt. Whether worn casually with a t-shirt or formally a shirt suspenders bring out a totally new virgin of outfit and let the outfit stand out, they are best paired with a bow tie, waistcoat, or any collared shirt.


A necklace is also one of the common accessories for men these days, but unlike women, men should be a little more careful while purchasing necklaces, try to go with a minimal piece that can be worn outside as well as inside your shirt. A simple chain necklace with medium length can rock your casual jeans and t-shirt look, avoid big and blingy kind of necklaces as it can look a little feminine.


A belt can tell more about your style than any other accessory, it maybe be basic but it whispers out loud about your fashion sense, choosing a right belt for an outfit is matters a lot a mismatched color or a buckle of a belt can literally bring your outfit down, find a simple yet chic leather belt with a simple buckle with your right measurement and of formal color can be your best friend.


Now you must have been thinking how a handkerchief can be accessory but let me tell you handkerchief can be used in more than ways than you can imagine, you can use it in many different ways to get a clean subtle yet chic look.


When it comes to adding a ring in your look you have to make sure that it should not be very blingy add simple and subtle pieces, flashy rings don’t usually add points to your outfit rather it will change your whole look.


Socks are not only a good accessory statement but they protect your feet as well, wearing a clean pair of socks is important to not only look chic but also to look well dressed and they are must-have for a formal clothing  you may avoid them in a casual outfit but it’s better not to. Always go for a dark colored pair for formal outfit and for a casual one you can go for the fun ones.


Cufflinks can be a very important accessory for formal clothing they add some kind of sophistication in your outfit and give your outfit a certain a very clean and complete look.


Footwear is one of the most important accessories for men, no matter how much you are well dressed if you are not wearing clean and suitable footwear than nothing can look good. A good pair of formal and casual shoes are must-haves for any guy go for a leather one for formal outfits and some sneakers or loafers for a casual outfit.


If worn properly mufflers can be very chic but again it should be worn very properly otherwise it can totally ruin your perfect outfit.

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