15 Types Of Bras That A Women Should Know about

A bra play a important role in a woman’s life. They are designed for different breast sizes to provide comfort and ease. They have different designs, patterns, fabrics and the list goes on. There are bras for every occasion, be it- workout, parties, chill time and maternity, etc.
Well, here is a list of bras that you should know of or own at some point of time.

Padded bra

Padded bras work like a savior for any woman. It is a must have in winters ‘cause obviously need to control those boob headlights. Padded bras give a fuller look to women who have small boobs. They are easy to wear and super comfortable, as they are padded and are super soft. Own a Padded bra and have a petite frame, ladies!

Sports bra

Oh my god! These are by far the most comfortable bra out there of them all.  You can wear this bra while running or working out as it does not suffocate your boobs and the fabric is super breathable. Sports bras are designed for full coverage and that keeps you safe from any workout clothing malfunction.

Underwire bra

These bras are especially designed to provide support to your boobs. The wires are very thin and are made of plastic and sometimes metal. It keeps from any unwanted boob slip. They are meant to give a round off shape to your breasts. Usually, underwire bras are uncomfortable when worn for a long time but it totally depends on the quality of the bra.

Push-up bra

Push-up bras are made to add volume to your breast, so that they look fuller and closer. They are a big help for women who have smaller boobs as it gives them a symmetric look. People assume that women with bigger breasts can’t wear push-up, which is untrue because it just makes them look closer and lifted.

Lace bra

Lace bras are the sexiest of them all.  They are sensuous, beautiful, and elegant and feel great on the body. You can literally rock them with an unbuttoned flannel shirt and look like a rock chick with so much elegance. Also, the lace is on the outermost layer of the bra, which is over the pad of the bra, so it doesn’t make the experience pokey and itchy.

Strapless bra

Wearing a strapless bra is a TASK!! Women usually wear it when they wear an off-shoulder top or a dress. It’s like a bra is holding onto the most precious thing you own without any support.

Stick on bra

Have you ever seen a piece of clothing so perfect but you can’t find the perfect bra to go with it? Well, here it is, stick-on bras are your savior. They have stick-on adhesive that sticks to your body and stay intact and on the same time covers your breasts plus makes them look round and full.

Bandeau bra

Bandeau bras are like tube tops. They are worn from over the head and rarely have hooks. These bras are made in different fabrics like- satin, lace and so on. This bra even makes a law tank top look fancy or you can rock it without anything on them at a beach or some cozy night party.

Long line bra

As the name suggest, this bra goes on till above your belly-button, it’s exactly the way it looks; body hugging because it is intact from your cleavage till the end. It suits every body type but make sure the size is right otherwise it will make your breasts look bulgy. You can wear this bra under a corset or under any body-hugging dress, as it works as a body-shaper, too.

Racer back bra

Racer backs are different from your regular bras, as they hover around the shoulder and collar bone area and not on the arm.  These are a must have for every girl. You can wear these under a T-shirt, tank top and dresses, too. Another plus point is that you these are amazing when worn during a workout.

Demi bra

Fact: these are not for all kinds of breast types. Demi bras are apt for smaller breasts, as have smaller cup size and have less coverage. These bras have bank and underwire, too, so you better make sure of the size you wear.

Front open

As a matter of comfort, these are on the top of the list. A little old school but who cares! Ladies who find back hooks inconvenient can totally go for front open bras. These are usually worn by ladies who are in their 40s and 50s because they are easy to wear. But, again, it’s up to you and your choice.

Full support bra

Just as the name suggest; these bras provide full coverage. These are mostly apt for women who have big breasts, keep the bulgy situation away. They come in all kinds of fabrics, designs and patterns. They give a good shape and are super firm.

Silicone bra

Oh, don’t even get me started. The trend of silicone bras hit us like a train. In my opinion, these bras are apt for women who have smaller breasts. They work the best when worn with see-through clothing, backless dresses or any kind of body-hugging clothing. They are a little uncomfortable for some women but the good deal is they are reusable and soft.

Maternity bra

How can we forget a bra which is a blessing in the most important phase of a women’s life. These bras are comfortable, smooth, hold the breasts at comfort, full coverage and are fully intact. Plus point is it makes the process of lactation easy for new mommies out there. They are quite expensive but super worth it!

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