14 Types Of Must Have Hats/Caps

Hats! they can either make you look super elegant, stylish, fashionable or broke. You all must have owned at least one of these hats in your life till now. Hats can be rocked by literally anybody; guys, girls, kids, aged cuties or even your pet (tell us how that goes).
Well, let’s begin with the Hat-cap list-

Baseball cap

Baseball cap has a rounder crown peak, it usually has logos or designs infront of it. Wear it at a sport event, club or on a sunny day; it goes with everything (speaking from experience). It also makes the face structure more enhanced.


Beanies are also called as skull caps because it hugs your head. it is a seemed cap that is usually worn in winters but nowadays you can wear a beanie anytime, especially when having a bad hair day. Beanies are super light weight because they are either made of cotton or crocheted.


A beret is a round flat crowned hat that can be made of fabrics like; crocheted cotton, hand-woven wool, and so on. In my opinion Beret gives a very intense look to whoever wears it. It is a 100% french artist look giving hat!


Boater is a stiff flat crowned hat that got popular in the 19th century. It is usually worn by men as it goes with their formal attires. These hats look super fashionable and give a very authentic look.

Bucket hat

As the name suggests, this hat looks like a bucket with downward sloping brim, people in the 90s used to rock this hat. it is made out of a breathable cotton with a brim. Now a days we do not see people wearing this much but still its a bomb.com look to have.


Cloche word is derived from french, which means “bell”. This hat looks like a bell and it was very popular in 1920s. It was usually worn by women and sometimes kids wear it, too.

Cowboy hat

YE-HAWW! Cowboy hats are literally famous all over the world, they have a high crown and wide brim. It is mostly worn my cowboys and cowgirls in North America. It is like a style statement for a lot of people and this hat creams attention and raw classiness.


Classiest of them all. Fedora is a hat that’s famous from a long time and people still are crazy for them. This hat has a pinched crown; indented crown from the front and the brim is quite hard. I am sure that this hat will never go out of style!


Sunhat has a broad brim that protects your head,face and neck from the sun. This hat gives some serious fancy vibes but people rarely wear this. People wear this when they go to the beach, safari or anything like that. nowadays it is just a fashion accessory.

Panama hat

Panama is a light hat with wide brim, they are also knows as toquilla hat. This hat is chiefly worn by men but ladies these days are rocking this hat, too. this hat gives off a very chivalrous vibe plus it can be worn to formal events.

Pillbox hat

This hat has a flat crown with no brim, it looks like a cylinder. It is sported by ladies. Sometimes these hats have nets and other accessories attached to them and that gives these hats the royal look!


Trilby and Fedora hats both are very similar but the brim of trilby hat is smaller comparatively. These hats have a curves brim at the back, and are super light weight and fashionable.

Tennis cap

as the name suggests; this caps originated from the game tennis and were mostly worn while playing tennis but now it has evolved as a accessory, to. people sport in with their casual looks too. sometimes these hats have a crown and sometimes don’t, that’s totally a fashion call though.

Party hat

It’s PARTY TIME! Party hats are literally the best hats that every existed and still do. Everybody has worn them atleast once in their lifetime. They bring so much happiness and style! as kids we used to rock them all the time and kept them safe for as long as we could.

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