16 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Working

We all can be complicated at times. But the worst kind is when you just don’t understand yourself or how you’re feeling. When it comes to love, the sad truth is we can fall both in and out of it. Why waste your time and energy watering a dead plant when you can take the hints and make the call? Here are 16 major signs your relationship just isn’t working anymore:

1. Jealousy:

source: insider

We are only jealous because we love and care about our partner. However, such signs shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to your relationship. Jealousy amidst relationships can mean that you no longer feel happy for their success. This can be because your partner is slowly becoming full of themselves so you’re done listening to him boasting about it. 

2. Competition:

source: medical xpress

When you see your significant other trying to outdo you in everything or vice versa, take it as one of the signs that this relationship is going downhill. You’re at a phase where you both intimidate each other and want to be the better one as a sign of victory. 

3. Secrets:

source: psychology today

Between relationships, this is a big no-no! Your significant other is supposed to be a person you can trust. However, if you notice that you both have been keeping little secrets from each other lately, just know there’s probably something you should be worried about. 

4. Busy Bee:

busy bee
source: new harbinger production

We all start off promising each other that we’d make time for each other. Sadly, the duration does decrease with time. But one thing you should remember is that no one is ever too busy to tell you and remind you of your worth and that you’re loved. If you see that fading slowly, that’s one of the signs you need to take to come clean about your relationship. 

5. Attention:

source: cognitive healing

If they don’t want your attention, they’re probably getting it from someone else. Deep down we all need a little attention, someone to listen to us and make us feel good about ourselves. If your partner hasn’t been giving you any at all, despite having the chance of it, the odds are that they probably are occupied with someone else. 

6. Apologies:

source: daily mail

The sole word “Sorry” has fixed so many countless bad decisions between great people. At the initial stages we all tend to use this word recklessly, only when you mess up is when you hesitate to say it the most. However, if you notice that your partner hasn’t been apologizing for their mistakes, take it as a sign that you have officially been taken for granted in this relationship.

7. PDA:

source: goalcast

This is applicable to couples who enjoy some public romance. Your significant other is clearly in love with you if they aren’t ashamed to show you off in public. They’re proud of you and they’re no one to be embarrassed or afraid of. If you notice them being distant with you lately, then it’s definitely time you talk about how you feel about them. You never know who they’re trying to hide you from.

8. The Phone:

the phone
source: askmen

Passwords may or may not be the best way to prove your love and loyalty to your partner since it’s a cruel, uncertain world. However, your partner need not freak out the moment you touch his phone. You know there’s nothing to be afraid of if there’s nothing to hide. 

9. The Gut Feeling:

gut feeling
source: psychalive

Karma is the real deal. Intuition is a real deal. Sometimes the universe will give you vivid signs that your relationship is going downhill. Sometimes such signs are in the simplest form of your “gut feeling”. Trust it. If you feel something’s wrong it’s probably because you’ve been noticing unusual behavior subconsciously. It’s up to you if you want to trust it, the universe cannot force you to. 

10. Pretty Little Lies:

source: power of positivity

If you often notice your partner making up tall tales every time you ask him/her something, he might be hiding a dirty little secret from you. If every time you ask him to reason his actions and he goes around tying stories, you might just have something to be worried about. 

11. Adultery:

source: scroll.in

This one is on you. If you ever have the thought of cheating on your partner or if you have done it already, it is a sign that your needs aren’t being met. Your physical and emotional needs are being met lately and you just wanna remind yourself what it feels to be happy and loved all over again.

12. Trust Level:

source: nbc news

You both can’t stop doubting each other. There’s no room for growth. Everything they do seems fishy and you end up feeling sad. These are mostly signs of having gone through a hard time before. You have trust issues and more so than ever and your partner’s actions aren’t making things better.

13. Silence:

source: medium

You’re so done with all the arguments; you just choose to keep quiet and keep it to yourself. Know that humans are a social being, if you aren’t being honest and communicating with your partner then someone else definitely will take that vulnerable space. 

14. Annoyed 24X7:

source: the times

Everything from their talking to their breathing starts to annoy you. You can’t seem to find a silver lining anywhere no matter how hard you try. That is one of the major signs of your relationship taking a seriously bad turn. 

15. Blurry Future:

blurry future
source: oprah magazine

You stop picturing yourself with them. You no longer find it pleasing to think about the rest of your life with them. You find excuses to not think about it because deep inside you know it too that this isn’t going to last. 

16. Disrespect:

source: cheetsheet

You and your partner no longer watch your mouths. You say hurtful things to each other because your image of them has completely changed. They look at you like something they’re stuck with and not someone they want to be with. They forget your value and why they loved you in the first place. And when a person starts disrespecting you, that’s one of the major signs to really think about your relationship and where it’s going. 

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