20 Beautiful Temple Designs For Homes

While the web is rich with pooja temple designs, the findings are dispersed. Luckily, after filtering all the layouts into 20 of the best temples designs for various types of houses around the world, we have invested a lot of consideration. The list has been assembled for you in a manner covering various sizes, materials, spaces, and styles and which is easy to understand for you. Across the following types, the temple layout can be regarded as appropriate for large spaces, apartments as well as open spaces. So, go on and seek your favorite one and arrange your temple as you like.

1. Wooden Corner Temple Design

Wooden Corner Temple Design
source: pinterest

The benefit of every wooden temple is that it can be designed in multiple ways. Wooden temple comfortably tucks away from a sore thumb in the corner of the living room. In a home with everything in the corner in a tiny room, this temple design is for the pleasant sight. The uniformity of the wood employed in the temple, as well as the diwan, benefits the whole temple look. The wonderful door design having carefully carved leaf with veins is so eye-pleasing. It not only provides an aesthetic meaning to the temple but also gives an insight into what is inside. There’s no denying that after people embrace a spiritual place in the corner, people are going to experience divine vibes in their houses.

2. Wooden South Indian Temple Design

Wooden South Indian Temple Design
source: design cafe

South Indian kings are said to have put more in temples instead of their mansions. And, naturally, they built buildings that even today influences generations as well as interior home design. For all those who adore South Indian culture, take pleasure in an out-and-out wooden design. Detailed inscriptions with an elegant door structure including impeccable authentic door architectural style in temple layout. The inside wall, for instance, is like an old temple, inspired by brass lights as well as granite sculptured idols (different framed pictures of Gods) making this style a great package. Incorporating columns as well as pillars is also a wise idea.

3. Wooden Portable Pooja Temple

Wooden Portable Pooja Temple
source: pepperfry

One’s house temple doesn’t have to take the entire room space. Today, moving furniture is a necessity of the time because of limited sizes in metropolitan cities. Yet no place for visitors to sit upon? No issue! The wooden pooja area in itself is sort of a miniature temple. It lies on a base with two drawers with beautiful Jaali work and doors bound by two pillars on both sides. Based on where the person wants its place, one can push these mini wooden temples around the house whenever it is needed– it is a self decorative home accessory used in homes.

4. Folding Door and Digitally Printed Temple Design

Folding Door and Digitally Printed Temple Design
source: urban company

If one lives in a modern flat, they may require a little space in the pooja house. While it may look like a more convenient alternative to all-wood, one would prefer to take a more beautiful and elegant appearance with the utilization of digital printing frameworks in wooden boundaries. One can introduce something additional to your gorgeous temple, like selected panels that combine digitally printed glass into detailed wooden carvings. Not just the panels form the folding doors, accordion-way on the one side; they also serve as a partition between the rest of the room and the temple. Digital lords and lilies can be integrated into a wooden temple design by different means.

5. Pooja Room with Gate Designed

Pooja Room with Gate Designed
source: pinterest

Leave the doors and choose up a gate design for the pooja room of the house. One can adorn the temple design with colorful glass panels as well as tiny bells nooks. This temple design adds up a different level of beauty over other temple designs. Even if the temple lies in a dark corner of the house, incorporating bright colors like saffron or green gets good energy to the temple.

6. Marble Temple Inlay Designed

 Marble Temple Inlay Designed
source: urban company

A sophisticated, beautiful, as well as non-opulent architecture, is a must for an impressive inlay temple design. Also, the concept of the marble pooja temple design is for those seeking peace and quiet, with its all-white blissful look. As a separation to differentiate the housing temple from the living room, an inscribed wall panel must be added. Also, the wall frame makes the temple design immensely beautiful.

7. Wooden with Marble Temple with False Roof

Wooden with Marble Temple with False Roof
source: pinterest

Who says wood as well as marble can’t fit together? Here is a pooja marble temple beautifully combined with the wood floor. The marble floor adds relevance to the surface while the wood scales off the coolness of marble. A false roof connects the two elements and is cherry on top. With smart design, the glazed framework in the background as well as underneath shelf lighting creates a sacred gleam to the room and looks lovely.

8. Marble Temple with Detailed Jaali Work

Marble Temple with Detailed Jaali Work
source: pinterest

If one is very interested and is a great marble fan then one must surely try this temple design idea for a glamorous feel. This temple has beautiful jaali doors (open framework door) as well as marble flooring. The backplates are composed of laser specified glass with a leaf pattern as well as the elegant appearance is enhanced by the extensive floral design at the center. Based on the room and the selection of photos or puja items one has, the display is determined. The majority of the available room can also be used.

9. Pooja Temple In-Wall Design

 Pooja Temple In-Wall Design
source: pinterest

A saver for the room! A built-in shelf with doors is so small as to be attached to a matching wall. Indeed, it helps to provide the same shade both for the shelf as well as the wall. So, if someone is seeking a walled temple, it’s much better than just placing a huge photograph of a lord on the wall.

10. Wall Mounted Temple Design

Wall Mounted Temple Design
source: poojamandirs

This beautiful pooja temple is suitable for small houses. Such works are available widely online in multiple designs and people don’t want to opt for a built-in wall layout. This temple design does not manipulate or surrender utility, purpose, or style. It is fitted with a shelf, a beautiful door design, a drawer, beautiful light as well as space. A win-win temple layout to adore!

11. Small Cabinet Design

Small Cabinet Design
source: pinterest

In an advanced Indian apartment, a contemporary temple design suits well in a beautiful area. It mixes into the rest of the clean, plain, and usable furniture.  This temple design can be used to devote a whole cabinet to prayer as well as meditation. It is possible to break the cabinet into a temple in the open portion while the closed portions act as storing for the stuff, such as oil, cotton, agarbattis, etc.

12. Temple with an Om Symbol

Temple with an Om Symbol
source: pinterest

The utilization of back-lit ceiling boards in vivid shades with layouts in a beautifully built home, adds a pleasant touch both to the temple as well as the home. It is a classic beauty as well as adds so much holy value to the ‘Om’ logo on the backed panel of a temple design. Many other designs may be explored, like a mantra, swastika, or Ganesha, Radha Krishna. The back-lit Om symbol on the wall makes the spot beautiful.

13. Small Room Temple Design

 Small Room Temple Design
source: livespace

It illustrates that when incorporating a temple small rooms do not have to negotiate size or aesthetics. And a beautiful example is this customized temple. This uses a blank, unused wall as well as includes a simple drawer chest with an upper shelf that displays frames as well as idols. The different combinations around it contribute to the perceptual beauty. However, the orange patterned wallpaper which underlines space is what keeps it beautiful.

14. Niche and Nooks Pooja Place

Niche and Nooks Pooja Place
source: zad interiors

Since it’s in a nook, which would have been unused anyway. One can easily convert niches as well as redundant sections of the home into a prayer zone. Distant to the left out room, the dark, reflecting glass paneling, as well as pendant lamps, bring a glamorous feel. It is a smart option to include light colors for surfaces and dynamic colors for walls to draw attention to the temple design. A jaali template can also be used to divide the room. It must be assured that the room isn’t full of idols. It will all look fine if it is kept clean and elegant.

15. Wooden Beams Division Design

Wooden Beams Division Design
source: pinterest

It is an elegant example of creating an area from the dining hall for the pooja temple. Take the assistance of separation in this case, like the wooden beams, and divide the temple from a certain space. Bring it a wonderful backdrop, which is different from the surroundings. Space may also be lit up by decorated ground or hung lamps. The wooden frame, as well as the illumination of the brass lamps, shed a bright glow, without distracting the attention from the deity.

16. Pooja Temple in Large Room

Pooja Temple in Large Room
source: urban company

It proceeds to illustrate how to offer the temple the sacredness of place without a specific room. A slanting wooden framework with a tiered (Dravidian theme inspiring) roof is enclosed by a stylish marble platform with storage trays. The floors of marble are identical to the hall. The decorations, with a few hanging lamps, a beautiful statue of Lord Ganesha as well as urli and lamps-all in brass plus gold-like coloring – are maintained low, but magnificent.

17. Blend of Marble and Ancient Wood Look

Blend of Marble and Ancient Wood Look
source: pinterest

The minimum inlay marble is a magnificent backdrop as well as a stage for a magnificently built wooden pooja design. It’s so much better because the panel is illuminated from the back to create this theme look stunning. One can choose and attach subtle accessories from dark wood to lighter colors. This style appears to be an ancient temple version on the nose. Deep wood edges take one a hundred and more years back and make people feel holy.

18. Ornate Backdrop Look

Ornate Backdrop Look
source: design cafe

This beautiful pooja temple area is built with an elegant background, a two-step wooden as well as a marble stage, hanging bells, wood panels as well as floor seating. It is spacious, has rooms for many folks, and has a relaxing impact on anyone who takes up the area, such as the priest. It is, of all, perfect for people who prefer to be private in the prayer activity. For most wood temple designs, fold doors may be used. Folding wooden doors is an excellent way to render the areas look. Throughout Hindu culture, people frequently keep their temple doors unlocked for a brief period each day so that the positive energy of the prayer will spread throughout their homes.

19. Modern Outdoor Wooden Design

Modern Outdoor Wooden Design
source: the architect’s diary

We realized that we had to post it to you as swiftly as we hopped over the wooden outdoor temple layout. The style is so creative, but it is very clear and simple. Two vertical poles are bordered by grass, forming a wooden design with a cemented front base. This creates it ideal for people who are diverse with their pooja temple but still hold it sacred. This is a little secret: people can use artificial grass to incorporate this pattern indoors! They can select to cover the center of the holy area with a single big bell, short hanging, or chimes that add up to the wooden doors so that every time somebody enters the temple, they can satisfy their ears.

20. Textured Walls Temple Design

Textured Walls Temple Design
source: livespace

For the back wall with texture! In pooja places, a new trend focuses more on floors and walls than on the construction of a complex central structure. This temple is a beautiful example of that. The developers can give a lovely, colorful texture to the walls. It provides a holy look to the pooja space itself. Drawers as well as shelves can be placed below for idols and various storage products concerning pooja. The style has an appeal with exclusive details, including the graved mantra. With a collection of appropriate backlights, the deity can be enhanced with the margins of the screen

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