20 Unusual Food You Didn’t Know Were Eaten!

You must have definitely heard of the usual Cheesecakes and Steaks but have you ever wondered what weird kinds of food are eaten across the world? Here’s a list of 20 most bizarre foods that you didn’t know were actually eaten, which might leave you just crazy!

1. Fern:

source: pixabay

Even though it does not have much economical advantage, Fern, precisely Fiddlehead Fern, quite unusually is eaten across the globe. However, belonging to a family of a whole poisonous group, the Fiddlehead fern should be eaten with the utmost precautions. If undercooked, it may lead to food poisoning. Generally, it is eaten fried with oil and some potatoes and also makes a good source of Vitamins and Manganese. 

2. Placenta :

source: USA today

However bizarre the consumption of the placenta sounds, it actually is considered a delicacy in some parts of the world. In case you’re wondering, the placenta is an organ that develops along with a baby in a mother’s womb. This unusual food you hadn’t heard of contains abundant quantities of antibodies and nutrients like Protein.

3. Brains:

source: wikipedia

That does sound peculiar, but the brains of almost all animals, especially of a cow are widely eaten in some parts of the world. Other animals include Pigs, Horses, Squirrel, Goats. The brain is usually fried and made into curries and provides rich amounts of Omega 3 Fatty Acids to the consumer.

4. Red Ants: 

red ants
source: the guardian

This is another unusual item that is eaten by people across the world which mainly includes painful red ants and their eggs ground with a mortar and pestle mixed with onions, coriander, fresh chilies, lemon juice, and some salt. In fact, Ant Chutney is not that uncommon and is very popularly prepared in the tribal areas of India. 

5. Silkworm:

source: businesstoday

With a taste similar to exotic scrambled eggs, this dish is mostly consumed in Assam, India by both the tribal and the non- tribal people. Fried, Steamed, or just skewed on a stick, silkworms are a must-have in these regions as they help minimize Fatigue and Diabetes.

6. Snakes:

source: thejakartapost

Doesn’t this sound the most unusual and scary? But as a matter of fact, all snakes don’t have to be poisonous just like our Ferns. Some snakes are actually for human consumption. Their texture is mostly found to be chewy and boney. 

7. Eel:

source: nihombashi tokyo

Eels specifically, the Swamp Eel is quite a popular but lesser-known food that’s consumed in most parts of India. It looks and tastes a lot like Snake. It’s one of the most nutritious foods due to a very high Iron content and has been proven good for Anaemic people. 

8. Bee Larvae

bee larvae
source: reddit

A very fun, unusual, and highly nutritious snack, the Bee Larvae is often considered to be the future of food as it has the nutrient content equivalent to that of Beef. It is pulled out from the hives and these jiggly creatures are mostly tossed and eaten as a snack across the globe.

9. Snails:

source: wilderness mastery

A winter evening with a bowl of snail soup is something unusual yet very comforting for the body as it contains very little fat and a large number of Antioxidants. Mostly consumed in soup form, this delicacy also provides Anti-inflammatory effects. 

10. Embryo:

source: reddit

While you sink into that, you’d want to know that “Balut” is a developing egg embryo wherein you can see the baby duckling almost completely formed. It’s a very common delicacy in the Philippines. 

11. Eyeballs:

source: pinterest

Eaten in a very wide range, eyeballs, especially of fishes are actually not a bad dish. Consumed mostly with the head of the fish, these help stimulate brain cells and prevent memory loss. These might not help you with your vision but will definitely help you remember what you ate once, forever.

12. Blood

source: reddit

Sounds crazy and unusual? You must be wondering how but if you think of it we all have consumed blood in some way or the other. However, people make a dish out of it where they let the blood, mostly of pigs, let it coagulate and set, and serve it on skewers. Goes without saying that this food is filled with the absolute goodness of Iron. 

13. Bird’s Nest:

source: istock

To save you with the trouble of imagining, the nests of certain birds are built with their sticky saliva. This makes the whole nest a gelatinous ingredient while cooking. They are mostly eaten in Chinese culture and have high levels of Protein. 

14. Guinea Pigs: 

guinea pig
source: pri.org

The Guinea pig roast isn’t a new thing in Peru. This food is farther spread than you can imagine. It may sound odd but guinea pig farming has brought out a huge number of farmers from poverty! 

15. Cobra Heart

cobra's heart
source: scoopwoop

Cobra’s heart is a very unusual yet popular dish in Vietnam. You must’ve heard of eating the heart of other animals but a cobra’s heart doesn’t sound like the most pleasing option. To make it worse, they mostly eat it while it’s still beating. 

16. Old Eggs:

old eggs
source: onlinepasar

You would think of throwing old rotten eggs away but here’s bringing you one of the most unusual, highly-priced dishes, Century Eggs! These are made by fermenting eggs for more than three months in clay or ash. 

17. Live Octopus:

source: insider

This might be the most unusual and hated food on the internet. However sad this is, it still is consumed in parts of Korea. The Octopuses are eaten alive. It is risky as it gets since it sticks to your mouth and throat which can cause choking. Surprisingly, it helps lower Blood sugar levels to a great extent! 

18. Snake Wine:

snake wine
source: minilua

Inhabited from the Zing Dynasty, this would be the craziest looking dish. In this, whole snakes are infused with Rice Wine and preserved. Remarkably, this wine has a lot of health benefits. It helps lower inflammation in the body and also reduces hair loss. 

19. Maggot Cheese:

maggot cheese
source: wikipedia

Also known as Casu Marzu, this unusual food is prohibited in many countries. The cheese contains insects or maggots in it, feeding off it. The risks of this delicacy are far more than its benefits, making it an illegal dish in many parts of the world. 

20. Tarantula

source: time travel turtle

We’ll end the segment with the creepiest food you’ll ever come across. Going all the way to Cambodia, these poisonous monsters form a portion of actual snack-time food. To make it sound a little cuter, these are tossed with sugar or garlic. However creepy it might be, tarantulas are one of the best sources of Zinc and Folic Acid!  

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