21 Things We Do Subconsciously *Weird and Epic*

 The conscious mind is full of interrogations but the subconscious mind is interrogative in itself. Often we do things subconsciously and we aren’t even aware that we are doing it. Been there, done that. Here are 21 such things we all do subconsciously.

1. Remove the plastic cover:

Remove the plastic cover
source: youtube

It all starts with minor fidgeting on the edges of new objects. The next thing you know the smooth plastic layer has a tiny bump. Before you even realize, you’re in a trance of peeling the plastic protective layer after layer after layer.

2. Pop your acne:

pop your acne
source: self

You’re talking and your hand is on your face. Subconsciously, you feel one tiny molehill. You gently run your nails over it and the next thing you know, you’re grazing your entire face, scratching out every bump till you accidentally make one bleed is when you finally draw the line.

3. Chew your mouth:

chew your mouth
source: nearsay

A subconscious thing a lot of us do is chewing the inner lining of our mouth. The satisfaction of nibbling the soft chewy inner skin of our mouth is almost addictive. There is no going back once you start it. The next thing you know you’re zoning out of a conversation with very questionable facial movements.

4. Zoom out:

zoom out
source: Inc. magazine

Our eyes are the OG cameras. We may try to focus as much as we want but after 15 good minutes of staring and focusing, your eyes give up as well. Suddenly the person appears to be zooming out of the scene and no matter how many times you blink you still can’t adjust your focus.

5. Crack your knuckles:

cracking knuckles
source: harvard health

Nervous? Excited? Scared? Bored? Cracking knuckles have always been the next best solution to all our problems. We’re so used to it that we subconsciously start cracking our knuckles. Your day doesn’t even feel complete without doing it.

6. Annoying Humming:

source: newschool

You don’t know the song but it’s definitely stuck in your head. The lyrics that you sing don’t even make sense but someone decided to make the chorus go viral and that is all you can hum about. “I’m a savage, yuh”, ” don’t stay awake” or check out this link for Tik Tok trending songs compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjSKEKB_vNM

7. Subconsciously Stare:

source: better help

Not to stalk or to admire, but sometimes your eyes are just resting at an angle while your mind is wandering. The person is just a blurry image and you see the blurry image wave its hand to you and goes “what??”

8. Imagine scenarios:

imagining scenario
source: medium

It starts with reminiscing and that leads you to imagine an entire Netflix original in your head. Most applicable when you have a crush on someone. One moment you’re admiring their face the next you’re in Miami with a diamond ring on your finger. 

9. Lick your lips:

licking lips
source: medical news today

Have you ever gotten called a snake for this unusual habit because that is exactly how you look like while doing it? Your tongue is your most trusted lip balm and has got your back in the dry days.

10. Subconsciously peel your skin:

peeling skin
source: medical news today

Around your nails can be considered as one of the most satisfying canvas. There is so much scope of peeling and nibbling. We all forget everything we’re condemned and start scraping off our cuticles till we cross the line and the next thing you know you can’t squeeze lemon or touch soap for a week.

11. Leave your mouth open:

open mouth
source: somnifix

Especially when you’re really focusing on something, your mouth just snaps open without you even realizing it. It can be a sign of excess interest. Jaw-dropping was first seen in Tom and Jerry where we all laughed at it but little did we know it would be a thing we’d all be doing that subconsciously.

12. Turn on your phone:

turning on phone
source: the healthy

For absolutely no reason. We check our phones nonstop and assume someone would message something important. All we ever see are customer service updates!

13. Looking at your nails:

looking at nails
source: istock

The hand curve and the palm down. This can be the most relatable for women. Again, for no reason at all, we just like to look at our nails, especially after a fresh manicure or some new bling on our fingers.

14. Subconscious Brush Dance:

source: casey dentists

Technically, you’re supposed to move the brush when you’re brushing and not your entire body. If you haven’t realized yet, I have to break it to you that you, my friend, you have also been a part of this. Your head is moving, your hips are moving, basically, your entire body is rocking with the paste.

15. Forget why you walked into the room:

Forget why you walked into the room
source: bonobology

The most demotivating thing that ever happens on a daily basis. You finally decide to be productive, get your lazy buttocks up to move stuff around and you forget what you’re about to get from the room. “Wait…what did I come here to find!?”

16. Yawn Loudly:

source: prevention

Like a plane landing, your peace is at its maximum. You no longer care who’s listening or judging. You’re so engrossed and relaxed at the same time you can’t help but give a loud, long, and distinct yawn.

17. Double Tap on Pictures:

double tapping
source: smartphones- gadget hacks

On things, you don’t even like. This mostly happens while you’re on Instagram. You scroll and you’re so accustomed to this so much that subconsciously you just start double tapping before you even see the picture.

18. Leave the door open:

leave the door open
source: larry maguire

You’re one of those who hate it when someone leaves the door open. Mainly because you’re too lazy to get up and close it for yourself. You enter the room and your hands just swing the door casually and your lazy self never does a good job.

19. Scroll videos after videos:

scrolling videos
source: mark pack

You start off with one interesting video and you don’t even finish that video because the ads on the right have clawed your attention into the never-ending Youtube maze. The next thing it’s 4 am and you’re learning how to fix a broken sink with noodles.

20. Shake your legs:

shaking legs
source: nextshark

We all do this subconsciously especially when we are nervous. We bite our nails and when that doesn’t help, our leg starts doing their thing.

21. Feel your chest:

feel your chest
source: prevention

You’re talking to someone or doing something and you randomly put your left hand under your right arm and slowly start sliding your hands over your chest. No one knows why we do it, but we just do it and it feels good.

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