21 Types Of Pockets Perfect For All Kinds of Dresses

Pockets! All types of pockets are like one’s phone- they are needed close to the hand just like any important stuff. Most situations arise where the need for a pocket arises and they are needed to come in handy in clothes of all types. But, it’s so wrong that most clothes designed for girls have no pockets. Thus, here we present to you various types of pockets for all kinds of garments that are known and believed to be sewed easily.

1. Bellow Pockets

bellow pockets
source: lyst

Bellows pockets are types of pockets that are used for sports purposes. There is an inverted or center box pleat that stretches when pockets are used. Also designated as Pocket Safari. The pleat could be in the center along the sides of the pocket or at the center of it. It is a customizable pocket in all types of pockets. Such types can accommodate larger objects and have been designed generally for hunting jackets.

2. Besom Pockets

bosom pockets
source: my wedding

Besom pockets are like secret or camouflaged pockets. Such types of pockets are inset ones found on a man’s suit jacket crafted from a thin welted edge just above the opening of the pocket. People might find it hard to differentiate between the clothing and the pocket used. When both edges are welted, it is a double-besom pocket.

3. Breast Pockets

breast pocket
source: repeat cashmere

These types of pockets could be seen on the upper chest area (left or right) of men’s jackets. Besom pocket is a kind of breast pocket. Breast pockets can also be used by men who do not use the regular items in it as a needless accessory. However, in a shirt this part plays a noticeable role: it can hold different items. These types of pockets may be rounded or rectangular, squared with squared or rounded corners.

4. Kangaroo Pockets

kangaroo pockets
source: walmart

The kangaroo pockets are the types of pockets sewed typically on hoodies as well as sweatshirts and are sufficiently wide to put in both hands. These pockets are long, longitudinal- a little kind of a letterbox, which has two pocket gaps to put in both the hands. They are mostly utilized on hooded sweatshirts or in sportswear that appears like a kangaroo pouch.

5. Expandable Pockets

expandable pockets
source: sewguide

Such types of pockets are capable of expanding if a need exists. The potential for expansion is embedded in its design, such as fold, tuck, pleats, and gather. One can create a tucked pocket that is fitted to the top edge of the jacket or a jacket accumulated with the additional fabric. The Accordion pocket is among the most popular expanding pocket with folds on its sides enabling it to stretch and populate the pocket with the stuff.

6. Cargo Pockets

cargo pockets
source: carol wright

Cargo pockets are a sort of patch pocket design, usually with accordion folds, which is shuttered with a snap, magnet, button, or Velcro commonly to battle clothing as well as hunting. Cargo types of pockets can be hidden in the legs. Cargo pockets are used in the clothing with the name Cargo Pants.

7. Faux Pockets

faux pockets
source: amazon

The types of pockets which are closed up from all ends are known as the faux pocket. It could be seen commonly in jeggings. The pocket form displays only the pocket impression. Faux pockets are completely useless and only intended for the show.

8. Flap Pockets

flap pockets
source: ajio

There is a flap in these types of pockets that covers the pocket opening. These pockets are typically seen in formal attire such as jackets. Typically, the pocket is a welt pocket or patch pocket, or slit pocket. The flap is generally rectangular in shape, it is however popular with angled shaping flaps as well as curved flaps. Often the flaps include a buttonhole with a button attached to the pocket. The flaps are generally interfaced to make the look a little thicker. In informal shirt types, Double Flap pockets are very common. On both halves of the chest, same sized flap pockets are attached.

9. Hack Pockets

hack pockets
source: gentleman’s gazette

Hack or front slanted pockets are country style pockets usually sewed on jackets. They show a non-city costume and are more likely to bring a slightly casual appearance to the jacket. These types of pockets could be seen on the waist side of the jacket. Hacking pockets are fitted mostly to the jackets as they relate to the person who wants a different look.

10. Hidden Pockets

hodden pockets
source: kickstarter

There are hidden pockets sewn within the clothing to protect the stuff. This is normally applied from the inside and can’t be seen from the exterior. They are simple to keep when someone is traveling.

11. Jeans Pockets

jeans pockets
source: cosmopoliton

Pockets in jeans play a major design role. They speak about the fashion of the person wearing them. Jeans come in several different types– Regular, Square, Curved as well as Arch. They also have various types of flaps- Normal flaps, Asymmetrical, Curved, and Pleated flaps.

12. Pork Chop Pockets

pork chop pockets
source: nordstormrack

Pork chop pockets are types of pockets in clothing and are named so because of their pork chop kind of shape. They are rectangular shaped with a diagonal instead of straight opening or square type like other pockets. This opening makes them deep but still easy to access. This is a sort of enlarged front pocket on the trousers and jeans.

13. Patch Pockets

patch pockets
source: the sewing directory

Pocket attached as a patch on the fabric is called a patch pocket. This is by far the most popular type of pocket. You can notice patch pockets on shirts.  It can be rectangular, square, circular as well as triangular. The patch pocket is often stitched with a front pleat. The pleat is normally an inverted platter or a box platter. This pleat is provided to give users more area. These are then labeled as Bellows/Safari pockets- external pockets made from central box pleating or inverted pleating which extends whenever the pocket is being used. The two typical types of patch pockets one can see on shirts include angular and round-shaped pockets. They are sewed on the top left corner of the shirt.

14. Pouch Pockets

pouch pockets
source: alibaba

These types of pockets hang only from the top on the side of the clothing. This is a large outer pocket that links or resembles a pouch.

15. Slit Pockets

slit pockets
source: sarah pacini

It is amongst the most commonly used styles of pockets in clothing. Users must’ve seen these on the backside of the pants. It’s so called because one can only view the slits of pockets from external. The slit is fitted with a pocket bag.

16. Side Pockets

side pockets
source: sew me something

The pocket is kind of invisible and is generally observed on tunics in the side seam of the leg. The slit on the side seam of the fabric would be the pocket. The pocket is like the secret seam pocket. It is thus called Hidden Seam Pocket or Side Seam Pocket.

17. Slash Pockets

slash pockets
source: pinterest

Another pocket that is widely used. Users must have seen it on skirts as well as on the front side of the pants. Beginning from the abdomen, it moves down to the left and right diagonally. This pocket is like a back that faces the front of the dress. This is often formed like a straight or curve but slanting. It is often known as cutaway pockets. The slash pocket of jeans is somewhat different from the slash pocket of the trouser which is a bit more slanting. A scoop pocket is a curved-shaped slash pocket.

18. Ticket Pockets

ticket pockets
source: garrisonbespoke

It’s a pocket within a pocket. This tiny mini pocket on the jeans must have been noticed by everyone. It could be seen in the inset pocket on the side. On denim jeans, this type of pocket was often seen earlier. It was earlier utilized to carry rail tickets. These aren’t visible as well as just have one slash on the front side of the pocket to add elegance to make the jacket easy to use. It is also known as a key pocket.

19. Welt Pockets

welt pockets
source: oliverands

This is the slit pocket with a strip of a different fabric or a welt completed by the slit. Related to the jetted pocket design, the slashing of the clothing into the finished pocket size. It is pocketed and folded out the layer of fabric is performed in a slashing and sewn at the surfaces of the completed pocket width including seam allowances. The extended flap is pinned down on the sides as well as the opening of the pocket is sealed.

20. Zipper Pockets

zipper pocket
source: walmart

A zipped pocket on clothing is amazingly useful; it is the perfect spot for a mobile, wallet as well as other product users need, yet still an easy-to-reach safe location in the dress. There are many ways to put a zipper pocket in each fabric. Zipper pockets are given to a slit pocket or pocket with a patch.

21. Utility Pockets

utility pockets
source: missguided eu

For any patch pocket containing several compartments, utility pocket is the term to apply.  Utility pockets may also have additional, small mesh pockets. It is a variant of Kangaroo pockets, which have separate sections for holding tools and so on.

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