22 Anxiety Disorder Recovery Steps *Revolutionary*

Anxiety isn’t “stress”. It’s not a bad day. There’s something bad every day. There’s a battle every morning. And not just mental, anxiety has a physical impact as well. Every time you have an attack, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you forget how to calm yourself. You’re stuck, numb, anxious, and suffering. The healing process is slow but it’s a sure shot if you set your mind to it. Here are 22 steps you can follow to recover from Anxiety Disorder:

1. Breathe

You’re not alone in this but only you can bring yourself out of it. One of the simplest exercises you could practice is breathing. Breathe in for three seconds and breathe out for six seconds. Repeat this cycle about ten times at least and drive all your attention on your breath. Remember you are only as strong as you mentally think you are.  

source: healthline

2. 5 things

This is an activity in which you look for five things you can see, four things you can feel, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. This really helps but make sure you don’t cheat on this test. Know that the world has a lot more to offer and you have a long journey ahead, beyond an anxiety disorder. 

5 things
source: nhahealth

3. Brush your teeth

I know this sounds random but there are times when it doesn’t take something major to distract you. It can be as little as your teeth, shining and your minty breath, to calm you down. As you brush remind yourself that what your feeling is temporary, and it will get better.

source: houston chronicle

4. Wash your face

Lather up your face. Don’t miss out on any acne. Treat your face the same way you’d be cleansing a baby; Gentle touches around your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Remember that you deserve all the love you’re trying to give others. 

wash your face
source: pinterest

5. Brush your hair

Close your eyes and let the comb run through the strands of your hair and untangle every knot in there. Do it with as much love as you can, even if you have curly hair. Remind yourself that you’re the strongest person in the world right now because you refuse to give up. 

brush your hair
source: all things hair

6. Find a Window

Find a window and sit next to it. Look outside, even if all you see is a wall. Know that there are so many people out there who are going through the same thing as you are and so many who have come out of it and make yourself believe that you will too. 
Play some Calming Music in the background and just feel the air outside.

sit by a window
source: guidingwellness

7. Avoid Horror/ Disturbing Videos

Even though pain demands to be felt, refrain yourself from watching disturbing videos that will make you feel breathless and anxious. Maybe, this is not the right time, you’ll be strong enough soon to watch it but not right now. By doing this, you’re only harming yourself. Remember to love yourself enough to refrain from things that aren’t benefitting. 

Avoid Horror/ Disturbing Videos
source: pinkvilla

8. Eat on Time

We usually tend to avoid eating with the excuse that we’ve lost our appetite but if this continues, the body will produce a whole other set of problems. You might as well face chest pain, heartburns, and weird palpitations which will get you to think that you’re probably going to die. So eat!!

eat on time
source: healthline

9. Mask Away Anxiety

Doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or boy, skincare is for all. The better you look, the more confident and invincible you feel about yourself. Let those Vitamins sink deep into your pores and drive away those stress signs from your face. Do it once a week, and you’ll notice changes within yourself for sure! 

put a mask
source: LÓreal Paris

10. Cook

A lot of us aren’t the best at it. However, cooking requires so much of your attention that you won’t have the time to think about your anxiety. Anxiety who?! Start with simple things and be proud of them. If you haven’t cooked before, search for a simple recipe and try doing it step by step. You won’t even realize what a great chef this disorder will turn you into!

source: pinterest

11. Fold your Clothes

Do a mindful folding. Start with your blanket. Every morning make your bed which will give you a sense of accomplishment so that your brain can pump up with positivity to headstart the day. Know that magic may not work but efforts surely do. The effort you’re putting in will bear the best for you with time.

source: today

12. Social Media Break

Social media can be a little too much for your mental state at times. The good side of people’s lives will make you think that everyone except you is suffering but the truth is when we turn off our phones, we’re all just as broken and lonely and damaged somewhere: the same struggles with different storylines. And it is always a healthier option to distant yourself from things that make you question your existence. 

social media break
source: medium

13. Wash your hair

Personal hygiene and cleanliness have never failed to make one feel fresh and positive. Every time you shower, a little of your physical and mental burden is lifted off. Take time to lather your hair and body, don’t rush, the world can wait. Pamper yourself because you deserve it all. 

wash your hair
source: clevelandclinic

14. Journal

Now, this doesn’t have to be every night and day but whenever you feel you have a lot to say and nobody to listen, just write it down. Be it one word or a couple of thousands, just vent it out because diaries never judge. Write till you’re tired of writing. Stop when you’re done, even if it doesn’t make sense. It is what you feel and it is okay. 

source: pinterest

15. Mindful Walking

Take long walks every day and while walking, notice the things around you – the mess, the beauty, everything. Make fun of a couple of things on the way. Smile even if there’s nothing to smile about. And when you smile, take a deep breath, and remind yourself how important you are. Keep walking and you’ll get there in some time. 

source: healthline

16. Playlist Upgrade

We love listening to depressing songs, don’t we? Maybe we are accountable for 40% of our own sadness. We wanna feel sad. However, if you wish to come out of this maze, it’s better to switch to more positive, motivating songs. Search up for songs that motivate you and not tear you down. Songs that make you sing along. It’s never too late. 

upgrade your playlist
source: healthline

17. Communicate

A wound when covered with a band-aid for too long will only start to rot. Rip off the band-aid and let it heal. Let the air mingle and let nature have its way. Talk to people whom you trust and who care for you. It’s worth the shot. Doesn’t matter if they betray you later, let the universe take care of it. Do it for yourself. You’ll realize that there are people who still love and care about you and are there to listen to you. 

source: yoga journal

18. Accept

Accept that anxiety is normal and what you’re going through is real. Crying over it will not help you or anyone else understand it in any way. Anxiety disorder isn’t a night of stress, rather it is an everyday routine where your heart beats abnormally fast and you feel like you can’t get enough air. You forget how to function. Accepting is the first step of being mentally prepared to heal and fight against it. 

source: holzwellness

19. Let Go

Let go of anything and everything that is hurting you- The ex you’ve been stalking, the girl with the perfect life, the boy who doesn’t know your worth, the person who is hurting you, the addiction that is making this worse. You can’t expect to heal from this if you choose to keep running through barbed wires over and over again. Make the choice now! 

let go
source: feminism in india

20. Communicate Again

Communicate openly about what you’re going through and you’ll be surprised to find many others who are going through the same thing with a feeling like they’re the only one. And when they reach back to you, you’ll feel a sense of empowerment because you’ll see that you were never alone in this and realize how people have come out of it. 

source: inlife healthcare

21. Never Google Symptoms

No matter what symptoms you type in, it’s either gonna be cancer or a disease you haven’t even heard of. Anxiety disorder can make you a “hypochondriac”. Google is based on SEO and all it’s doing is giving you articles with similar keywords. It hasn’t seen you or tested you. Stop letting it deprive you of your sleep.

never google symptoms
source: thedailystar

22. Chin Up

Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re less than the best. Know your worth, and never forget how hard you’ve fought for yourself every single day. Know your heart and respect it enough to not let people who never cared or left you, have a monopoly over your mind. You are not damaged. You’re just sensitive because you have a pure heart. Inspire and help others with your story and always Chin Up. 

chin up
source: project hotmess

At last, don’t forget to love yourself everyday, every minute for who you are and what you do for yourself.

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