30 Types of Foodies You’ll Come Across *YUMMY YUM*

There is no human on planet who doesn’t love food. This love may be shown differently and maybe some in an unconventional way, but the love for food is a mutual emotion that binds all of us together.

The Thunder

This type of foodie comes and goes like a thunder. Give them food of any quantity, you’ll only remember serving them and have no recollection of them eating their food because that’s how fast they gulp their food. They hardly chew. They’re always the first ones to leave the table.

The Monster

This type of foodie knows no limits. They eat like literal ancient monsters. They are never full. They go from wanting something sweet after their meals to finishing a whole family-sized pie. They are big-time eaters. 

The Hangry

You do not mess with this type of foodie. They are the sweetest and the most caring, calm people but when hunger strikes, you get to their 50 shades of them being pissed off. You don’t even have to pick fights with them. Just exist around them and that is enough to trigger them. Get them a Happy Meal and you’re good to go!

The Chef

This type of foodie is everyone’s favourite. Not only do they love eating, but they also love cooking. They will bring the most delicious lunches for school or at work. You have to take a bite of whatever they bring. Their love for food benefits you because you get to try almost every cuisine, thanks to their excellent cooking skills.

The sous chef

The means a junior chef. This type of foodie is always around The Chef. They aren’t around to help but they’re mostly around to get a taste and a bite of everything that is being cooked. 

The Thief

We have all this annoying type of foodie, especially in our school days. Stealing lunch boxes are their speciality. They are reckless and shameless. They love food to a point they would commit the crime of theft just to solely hog on some delicious bites that was meant for someone else to devour. 

The Leg Piece

This type of foodie needed to have a separate label! They are a species on their own. They love the Chicken Leg Piece so much to the point there are songs about this. They would kill for a leg piece. They forget all manners in public events just to grab that one piece. They live and breathe just to savour the Chicken Leg Piece! 

The Unholy Vegetarian

This type of foodie claims to be a “Vegetarian” but we all know the dirty deeds they do when people aren’t around. This type of foodie is a Vegetarian who eats the curry of the chicken but not the pieces. They have tried meat in almost all the occasions and still have to audacity to say “I’m a Vegetarian, meat is disgusting, ew!”.

The Ethnocentric Meat Eater

Presenting the extremists of the Meat World. This type of foodie loved eating meat. Not only that but they also want everyone to love meat just as much as they do. They are pretty much the ones who make the Unholy Vegetarians try meat for the first time. They shun anyone who doesn’t eat meat and their breakfast, lunch and dinner have to consist of some type of meat in it! 

The Treasure Chest

Another type of foodie we love. This type is a life saviour, to be honest. They always carry food in their bags wherever they go. They have an assortment of snacks with them, always. You can be hungry anytime and look to them and they’ll rescue you in the best. We must treasure these people.

The Philanthropist

This type of foodie knows the importance of food in people’s lives and they’ll go above and beyond to make sure everyone’s well-fed even though it means loosening their pockets. It doesn’t even have to be an underprivileged person, it can be just anybody, they’ll make sure they share and distribute whatever food their either eating or take them out to try something new and exciting! 

The Snapchat

Food doesn’t go down their food pipe for this type of foodie if they won’t take a good, well-lit photograph of the same food they eat all the time. They’ll make sure it looks like an Ad and will spend half the time taking a hundred portraits of the meal even if it means hardened cheese on Pizza! 

The Expert

This is the know it all type of foodie! This foodie has done all their research on food because they spend most of their time reading, writing, thinking about food. They are the food critics. No matter where they are, your family brunch or a Michelin Star, they’ll make sure they’ll submit their expert opinion and advice on the food they’re served. 

The Complaint Box

This is the annoying type of food critic. Not only do they find the need to comment on it, but they will also criticize and make you listen to their way of cooking it! This type of foodie doesn’t have any scientific knowledge of cooking but they just want everything their way and consider it to be the right way to cook. You can never satisfy them with your or anyone else’s food.

The Twilight

hungry at night

This type of foodie comes alive in the night time. They love food but not as much as their “midnight munchies”. These hit different. They love their midnight munchies so much you’d find snack packets under their pillows. A common midnight munchie food is cold milk and cereal. It is a whole different level of taste after lights out! 

The Sweet Tooth

This type of foodie loves their sweets. They have an extreme sweet tooth and also Cavities or Diabetes. But this doesn’t stop them. They purchase the most expensive sugar substitutes just so they can binge on something sweet after every meal. They had a time before their health problems kicked in when they would drink chocolate syrup like holy water. 

The Challenger

This is our daredevil foodie. They love trying out new and extreme foods in the market. These especially include Fiery Noodle and Hot Chips. These aren’t for the faint-hearted or the Gastric patients. These are for the reckless, fearless foodies. They use some of the most extreme ingredients in their foods just to have some thrill in their life even if it means them ending up in the emergency room! 

The Maniac

Chips with Frosting? Coke with extra water? Pineapple with Pizza? Popcorn with pickle juice? Ketchup with Biryani? Psychotic enough? These people exist. As illegal these things sound, these are the favourite go-to’s of the Maniac foodies. They love mix-matching their food. Not just anyone can understand their taste palette and if someone does, they probably end up becomes best friends for life. 

The Talker

This type of foodie loves food but what they love more is bragging about how much they love it and how hungry they always are. However, when it comes to eating, they can never finish a meal properly and you’d always see the most leftovers on their plate. 

The Liars

These are all the foodies that love food just as much as any foodie but pretend they don’t eat much and are health conscious. The pretend especially in public places around their friends. However, when the gloves come off the nails come out. That’s when the real monster in them starts eating everything possible in their home to fill their empty stomach because of all the pretending. 

The Mukbangers

These are the type of foodies who not only love food but they also love vlogging it or recording it and posting it on social media while they are eating it! How torturous these videos are especially when you’re hungry and you have nothing to eat. But we have to admit a lot of us find satisfaction watching these video!

The Show Offs

These are the one who has tried almost every kind of food and will leave no chance to flex that they, in fact, have tried it. Their social media has an everyday update of what they eat or a throwback of what they’ve eaten. They’re not less than The Mukbangers because even though they tempt us so much we still keep going back to stalk to indulge into our temptations.


This type of foodie are the ones who are either staying in foreign countries or are have returned from those places and they just cannot seem to have enough of the food they binge on there. Their regional, traditional foods fail to surprise them anymore. They seem to be comparing it to the foods they’ve tried abroad. They start off complaining about the sizes, the varieties, the taste and pretty much everything else! 

The Exotic

From the tribal areas to the poshest, from the hood to the beaches, this type of foodie will go anywhere to try out exotic dishes. They travel states and nations and continents just to try out some unique dishes. These are the most exciting to talk to about food because of their encounters and experiences. 

The Pros

As the heading goes these are the professionals. Need I say more? These foodies have magical hands. Doing something they love for a living; they’re living a dream. 

The Shakespeare

These foodies are very passionate and very vocal about their love for food. Not only do they love to eat and post about it but they also write essays on how creamy, how crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, how well seasoned and how perfectly balanced the meal was! Reading their descriptions and the way they talk about food itself is enough to make your mouth water.

The Comfort Zone

These are a very reserved type of foodie. They love their same dishes and even though they eat it almost every day. They never get bored of it and can hog on it as much as you can imagine. They aren’t open to trying new things because they like to stick to their comfortable and familiar taste palette.

The Cart

If their mouth was an object it would be an extra-large shopping cart. This type of foodie can fit a whole meal at once in their mouth. They can never tale small bites. They want all of the goodness in one single bite!

The Owls

That’s what they end up looking like after hours and days of nonstop binge-watching cooking shows. Their all-time go is mostly Masterchef Australia, anything by Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson and 5 Minutes Recipe on Youtube. They might not cook after watching anything but they sure as hell are addicted to watching these day and night.

The Calorie Calculator

Pretty self-explanatory! These are the health freaks or on a more positive note, the healthy ones. We should all learn a little something from them. These are hardcore foodies but they make sure they keep a balance and they know their limits. They eat everything but in the right proportions because they know the cons of overdoing it. They keep a lot of knowledge on the calorie count and the essential nutrients present in everything they eat. Hence, they keep everyone wondering how they never gain weight! 

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