4 Types Of Attitudes! Did You Know About Them?

In our daily lives, we come across different types of people who carry totally different attitudes like at the workplace, your friend circle or even when some quirky relatives come to your place and you can surely imagine their state of mind when they judge you for your likes and dislikes.

Attitudes are a way of actually presenting your perspectives in your daily life like dealing with different people and communicating with various types of attitudes of people. It’s a bunch of emotional, motivational, and thoughtful processes keeping in context to an individual’s own personality.

Attitude is also divided into three different components;


As the word cognitive means the thoughts, beliefs, and values a person carries in his/her personality and many other traits a person believes in.
Like, believing in the trait of love, the person will spread a lot of love around his/her surroundings as there is a strong faith and belief of love in that individual which describes a cognitive component in a person.


The affective component deals with the affection, feelings, or perspectives a person has for another person, which can be differentiated in a positive, neutral, and negative attitude. These attitudes are formed on the basis of the feelings a person has established for another person.
For example- I don’t like Liam, he is not trustworthy. So, here we have formed a negative attitude for Liam as he has a trait of not being trustworthy which is a negative trait that describes the Affective component perfectly.


We can describe the behavioral component as an impact of the cognitive and affective components which has been built up from these two components. Like, acting in a certain way because of the other two components that have been taking shape in our minds.
For example- I don’t like Liam I will maintain distance from him. So, maintaining distance from Liam is a behavioral component as I am maintaining distance is the way I acted because of him not being trustworthy.

Let us see what types of attitudes actually are we can surely say attitudes and opinions people form
for various things or objects also for any person. We often used to do that in our school, remember like- That girl just talks to 2 or 3 people and with us, she doesn’t interact she must have an attitude.
See, it wouldn’t take more than two minutes to form an opinion about anyone.

Types of attitude category your friends, relatives, or co-workers fall in;


People having this attitude as the name says spread a lot of positivity in every situation and tend to see the good in every negative situation. Also, very happy-go-lucky type. Usually, believe in hope for the best policy!
MOST COMMON TRAITS ARE- Optimistic, Emotional, Empathetic, Hopeful


Negativity doesn’t take much time to fill in somebody’s head so usually, these types of people find some reasons to blame for their own mistakes. They are quick assumption makers and won’t delay in judging other people from their appearances.
MOST COMMON TRAITS- Aggressive, Straightforward, Disapproving


It’s said to be a balanced attitude. Also, this type of attitude carrying people who are usually disconnected from the world doesn’t care much about the situations or events happening in life. They are usually the ‘ problem givers’.
MOST COMMON TRAITS- Unemotional, Self- satisfied, Mind rule


This attitude is said to be the most destructive of all people having this attitude tends to destroy the positivity in a situation and they usually don’t change as their intentions and nature of pulling people down is a major part of their personality. Just let these people be very far away from you!
MOST COMMON TRAITS- Destructive, Problematic, Dangerous, Toxic

So, now you know in which category the people you know belong. Now, why not give them their reality attitude check?

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