7 Types Of Popular Indian Cat Breeds You Will Love

Why do people think it is difficult to own a cat? Apart from their royal attitudes and needs to rule over humans, cats are the cutest and adorable pet animal. They are a friendly companion in a person’s life. Cats are very smart and intelligent pet animal. Their sense of smell is very strong. They can sense anything from the far distance.

Cats are very beautiful, the eyes, soft fur are additional to its beauty. They are kept as pets in the houses. Cats don’t forget anything taught to them. They remember the things throughout their lifetime. The maximum time period for the cats to live is 20 years. Now I’m going to tell you about various types of popular Indian cat breeds. These cat breeds will melt your hearts and fill them with irrevocable love.

Types Of Popular Indian Cat Breeds, You Will Love

1. Persian Cat

Persian Cats
source – persiancatcorner.com

Persian cats are one of the most expensive cats in the world. Persian cats are very glamoured cats. Their long soft fur, beautiful eyes, sweet and calm nature combined make them very luxurious. These are very high maintenance cats. Persian cats are originated in Iran. They are affectionate and expect affection in return, which make them cranky if they are not loved unconditionally.

2. Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat
source – pinterest.com

Siamese cats have a cream brown soft coat. These cats are known for their friendly nature. They are very trust-able and affectionate. They are very loving towards humans. They start crying if ignored; they need extreme love. This cat breed traces its roots back to Thailand or China. This distinctive appearance makes them more adorable.

3. Maine Coon

Maine Coon
source – Google Images

Maine coon cat breed is one of the oldest cat breeds on earth. They have thick fur. The fully grown Maine Coon is very big in size. These cats are very friendly and well-behaved cats. The looks of Maine Coon cats are very aggressive so they are best cats for home. However, they love human company. They are native to Maine in the USA.

4. The Bombay Cat

The Bombay Cat
source – Google Images

The Bombay cat breed is the short-haired breed of cats. They have shiny black fur and copper beautiful eyes. These cats are highly social and brave. These are gentle, friendly and highly intelligent cats. This cat is one of the best pets you can have in your home. These panther-like cats are found in the USA and Thailand.

5. Himalaya Cat

source – holidogtimes

The Himalayan cat breed is a man-made breed. It is a crossbreed of Persian breed and Siamese breed. These cats have long-soft fur and beautiful eyes. They are very friendly, social and gentle cats. This breed is not so active and they love to take naps in the owner’s lap. They are also known by the names like Himmie, Colorpoint Persian.

6. The American Bobtail

The American Bobtail
source – thesprucepets.com

The American bobtail is a breed with the short tail that is 1/3 from its total body. It is because of the short tail it is known as American bobtail. These cats have shiny fur. This is playful, active, and easily adjustable to the environment. They are originated in America. They are athletic and love to play games actively.

7. Spotted Cat

Spotted Cat
source – simplypets.com

Spotted cats are also known as the “Indian billi”. They have a long tail and the tail is darker than their body. Their body fur has grey spots on it. They are well adjustable to climatic conditions of India. These cats are very friendly, brave, and aggressive cats. They have a huge tail length which makes it graceful to look. The spotted cats are native to India and Sri Lanka.

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