Types Of Steps In Korean Beauty Regime For Amazing Skin

The alarming amount of pollution, smoke and dust causes severe damage to our health and skin making it more and more hard nowadays to maintain a healthy appearance. Our face is the part which is exposed most to the brunt of these weather conditions and needs extra pampering and protection. So here are ten Korean beauty steps to include in your skin care routine that work like magic.


Most of us are unaware about sebum, an oily substance with wax like texture which is secreted by our sebaceous glands and results in oily skin or such. When mixed with dirt and dead skin cells it causes an acne breakout or blackheads,this is where cleansing oil plays an important role because it removes the excess sebum and improves the over all quality of your skin acting like a perfect step 1.


Unlike oil cleanser that monitors and prohibits the excess secretion, water based cleanser removes foreign substances from skin such as dirt although it is more preferred for people who have oily skin because it washes away the oil too. It comes in various forms such as Foam, Gel and Cleansing waters and can be used based on the requirement.


This is not a regular step and must be done seldom although I recommend to read guides on how to exfoliate beforehand because most people do it wrong and end up causing harm to their skin. Basically, Exfoliator helps in removing dead skin cells from your face and cleans your pores which lead to formation of new skin cells and results in much fresher countenance.


After Exfoliation the skin pores become wide open and impurities may end up inside them. Toner is used to prevent that from happening, It closes your pores and provides tightening to the skin other benefit to it is that it maintains the pH balance of the skin and hence must be included in your daily routine. Side note, Rice water works as a great toner too and its preparation can be found on YouTube.


Essence can be described in two ways, it may be used to keep your face from developing or to target the fine lines and wrinkles while also keeping the skin more hydrated. It is also used as a product to enhance the potency of other products used before or after, it also alleviates dryness and keeps the skin look more bright and healthy.


Although use of serum and essence in the same routine seems excess because of overlap of some benefits still individually they have a lot more to offer and can be used one after the another. Serum helps in invigorating the skin and provides shine to the instead dull face. It also targets the wrinkles and acts as anti ageing because it contains vitamin C and can be used as a good layering step.


Sheet masks come in myriad types and are available for every human known skin type, it is also categorized depending upon the targeted skin ailment and fun flavors. Sheet masks provide the time for your skin to refresh itself and absorb all the minerals and layers used till now, it also helps keep the skin hydrated and gives a dewy look to it.


Because of incessant use of screen time be it late night meetings, Netflix binge or lack of sleep we strain our eyes a lot and it results in dark circles giving a very tired feel to the face, it is also where we first start developing smile lines and crow feet. Eye cream addresses these issues and help in maintaining the sensitive area around the eyes firm and more energized.


It is a step that must be followed religiously moisturizing plays a vital role in the upkeep of not only your face but your complete body and must not be skipped. It helps keep your skin plump and satiated by providing an extra layer of protection not only it removes dark spots and unwanted blemishes but keeps the skin flourished and wholesome for long time.


As discussed formerly the weather conditions outside do not help our skin in any way and might load up on our skin problems, In countries like India where summers can be cruel, sunscreen is a must needed necessity, it protects us from harmful UV Radiations that have ill effects on our skin, and prevent from future skin related problems.

Disclaimer: We don’t endorse any of the products, images are for display purposes only.

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