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A Foodie’s Guide to Different Types of Noodles

Arguably, one of the most relished Asian food items, noodles, has become everyone’s favorite over the past decade. They’re as versatile as the shapes and sizes that they come in and can be incorporated into soups, stir-fry, and even salads. Who would’ve thought that a wheat dough could turn into a delicious stringy delicacy?

Here are some types of noodles that you can enjoy-


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Call it Ramen, Lamian or Ramyeon, this type of noodle is enjoyed by people all over the world. Finding its roots in China, Ramen became popular through Japanese food culture and found a cult following all over. It is primarily wheat-based noodles, which are known for their stringy and chewy texture. They are mostly thin and long, but the size can vary.


Also, known as Kal-guksu in Korean, these noodles are made out of wheat flour and are considered a delicacy. The dough is cut out, stretched and cut into long strips. As they’re handmade, the noodles have a lot of texture and absorb a lot of flavor base providing a wholesome experience.


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These noodles lie on the thicker scale. They are liked for their characteristic chewiness and are usually served in a brothy soup. The soup that is often paired with these noodles is called Kakejiru, which comprises of mirin, soy sauce, and dashi.


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Soba means buckwheat in Japanese. These noodles are made out of buckwheat flour and are usually thin and long. They are often eaten of New Year’s as they’re considered a symbol of longevity. They can be used for a variety of cold and hot soups and even cold salads.


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Also, called Fensi, these are gluten-free noodles as they’re made from starch. They turn transparent when cooked and are quite versatile. They’re common in Thai and Vietnamese dishes.


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These noodles are primarily made up of rice flour and water, sometimes other starches are added to increase the transparency and chewiness. Pad Thai and Pho are some famous dishes which make use of these noodles.


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Also, known as La Mian. The dough of these noodles is stretched, twisted, and pulled into multiple strings. The composition of dough is mainly of wheat and water.


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The egg noodles are made up of simple flour and eggs, which add to the characteristic yellow color of them. The dough is rolled thin and cut into thin strips. They are ideal for stir-fry and soup dishes.

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