A List Of Different Types Of Leather Grades

Leather is an essential raw fabric which is often used in clothing and in accessories like shoes, belts, bags, wallets, etc for its soft, high quality and classy appearance. In recent times, there are many other kinds of high-quality types of leather to select from. Leather have their own characteristic look and feel and hence they are used for different purposes. Top companies dealing with leather always look out for the finest raw leather materials and it can be observed that many go for Italian leather as it has been traditionally considered insurmountably superior.

Full-grain leather

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Full-grain leather is produces just by removing the hair present on the epidermis of the hide. This is the most natural form of leather since no polishing and finishing is done to the grain obtained. By virtue of its strength and durability, it remains a popular choice of high-end leather products. This eventually makes it the most expensive of all the different types of leather available.

Top-grain leather

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This is the second-best leather quality after full grain leather. The only difference that sets full-grain leather apart from top grain leather is the removal of imperfections using sanding and buffing of surfaces. This type of leather is equally strong, but however it is not as durable as the full-grain variety.

Split grain leather

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This leather is made from the remaining part of the hide after the removal of the top grain leather. It is harder and cheaper than the regular full-grain leather. This leather is generally fragile and gets easily damaged, if not handled or used properly. Split grain leather will generally be buffed to create textures.

Suede leather

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This leather is also known as Nubuck or Buffed leather. It is characterized by its soft and fuzzy surface and therefore, it is most often used for shoes and clothing. As it originates from split grain leather, it is much more affordable. It is worth noting that however, suede is not resistant to spills and stains making it not as durable as others.

Regenerated leather

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It is easiest to recognize regenerated leather by its smooth, matte, and plastic-like finish. Regenerated leather is produced by compressing low grade animal hides into a strong and hard surface. Then it is treated with a thick layer of polyurethane for adding more durability.

Coated leather

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Other name for it is Bicast leather and is said to be more durable than other leather types. It is a synthetic type of split leather made by applying a layer of polyurethane to the surface. Initially, this leather was used only in the shoe industry, but owing to its high durability and affordability, it has started to be used in upholstery and furniture.

Faux leather

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It is man-made leather and durable because of the use of synthetic materials while processing it. As a result, this leather can be coloured and styled into a plethora of different options. Widely used in commercial areas for manufacturing furniture because it is the cheapest type of leather and does not get damaged easily.

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