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20 Weird Things On Amazon India

Aren't we all bored of putting the same things on our cart every time and end up never buying it because it's all too mainstream!? Well, here are 20 weird things that Amazon India has to offer you which are worth waiting for 5-7 business days !

16 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Working

Why waste your time and energy watering a dead plant when you can take the hints and make the call. Here are 16 major signs your relationship just isn’t working anymore

Top 20 Extinct Things in India! *heartbreaking*

India is very strong in its traditional grip. Everything done here continues for a long time and becomes part of our culture. Certain things too, along the way, become just as deep and meaningful to...

25 Weird Types Of Phobias People Have

Phobophobia is the fear of having phobias which leads to other phobias! If you think this is crazy you have a whole list of unheard phobias waiting for you to know about. Here are 25 of the most weird phobias that people actually have !

21 Things We Do Subconsciously *Weird and Epic*

 The conscious mind is full of interrogations but the subconscious mind is interrogative in itself. Often we do things subconsciously and we aren’t even aware that we are doing it. Been there, done that. Here...

22 Anxiety Disorder Recovery Steps *Revolutionary*

Anxiety isn’t “stress”. It’s not a bad day. There's something bad every day. There's a battle every morning. And not just mental, anxiety has a physical impact as well. Every time you have an attack,...

20 Skin Tips for Breathtaking Dewy Glow *Magical*

We all are obsessed with Skincare these days. But the products in the market are nowhere near affordable. Putting your bets on such high stakes without knowing the outcome can be demotivating. So here are...

20 Unusual Food You Didn’t Know Were Eaten!

You've heard of the usual Cheesecakes and Steaks but here's a countdown of 20 most unusual food that you didn't know are actually eaten by the rest of the world ! It's getting Bizarre !

Types Of Embarrassing Moments We’ve All Experienced *oops!*

Life isn’t perfect but your laugh can be. Sometimes we do need these embarrassing moments to give us a reality check to move on with life. All’s fair and square. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Laugh and move on. You’re not alone in this. Here’s a list of 20 most embarrassing moments we’ve all experienced at least once in our lifetime. And if you haven’t, yikes! Watch out.

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