Common Types Of Alcohol And Their Alcohol Content

Alcohol has been in existence from last 1000 years. People had very limited options back then but now we have a jungle of alcoholic beverages. From low alcohol content to super high, there are millions of types of alcohol. You can find alcohol for medicinal use and also for personal usage. Well, here we have mentioned top alcoholic beverages consumed by people on daily basis. Let’s go!


Beer is the most common and widely consumed alcoholic drink in the work. It is the third most consumed drink after water and tea, highest alcohol content in a beer is 8%. It is made by various things, like: malted barley, rice, maze, wheat. Some of the best beer is offered from Kingfisher, tuborg, Budweiser, Heineken, corona, etc.


Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage mistaken as wine because of its alcohol content which is just 16% and color though it is not. It is light in color and made by fermenting the polished rice. It tastes a little sweet and is served with ice.


Wine derives from fermented grapes as the yeast consumes the sugar in the grapes. It is considered as one of the classiest drink with alcohol content under 20%, though usually it is only 12%. The best of the wines come from Italy, France and China. Some of the best wines are: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.


Gin is a distilled spirit and its main ingredient is juniper berries and that gives the taste of pine. It comes in various flavors and styles but every gin has something in common and that is its derivation from the berries and its alcohol content can be anywhere between 30-55%. Some of the best gin brands are: Bombay sapphire, Beefeater, Hendricks’s, etc.


Whiskey comes under hard liquor as its alcohol percentage is between 40-50%. It is made from fermented grain mash, like: wheat, corn, barley, etc. One of the most commonly consumed whiskeys is Irish whiskey.  Some of the most famous whiskeys are: Jack Daniel’s, Maker’s mark, Jim Beam Bourbon, etc.


Brandy is liquor derived from distilled wine and sometimes from other fruits, like: cherries, pears, apples, etc. Its alcohol content can be anywhere between 35-60%.  There are some medicinal brandies too, that are consumed when sick and some are for kids also (only for medical usage). Some commonly consumed whiskey brands are: McDowell’s, Hennessey, Old admiral, etc.


Rum is distilled liquor made from fermenting sugarcane juice and its alcohol content can reach up-to 57%. It is stored in Oak barrels for the taste and it is clear in color. It is mostly produced in sugar producing countries. Some of the best Rum brands are: Malibu, Mount gay eclipse, Bacardi superior, etc.


Let us all call for Shots!! Vodka is a clear looking liquor made from starch and some grains like; wheat, corn and sorghum, that too in different flavors. It mixes well with any kind of beverage, sometimes coffee and tea, too. Its alcohol content lies somewhere under 40%. Top Vodka brands are: Absolut, Karlsson’s Gold, Tito’s, etc.


Tequila is a distilled beverage made from blue agave plant, mostly made in Mexico. Its alcohol content reaches up-to 40%. Tequila is consumed all around the world and its top brands are: Tapatio, Don Julio, patron, etc.


Another alcoholic beverage that has high alcohol concentration and it can be anywhere between 60-95%.  It is also called as neutral spirit. It is very iconic because of its alcohol content and has high reputation.


It is knows as one of the most distilled and highly alcoholic beverage. Its derived from flowers, leaves of absinthium, fennel and other medical and culinary herbs. Its alcohol concentration can reach as high as 90%. Also, over-dose of this liquor can kill you!

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