Detox Your Body With Different Types Of Vegetable Juices

Everyone craves for a toned body and a healthy life,but in our day to day lives we forget to look after our health and tend to stuff our system with extra junk and processed foods. Mother nature has provided us with a variety of option to give our body all the proteins and vitamins needed, for example, fruits and vegetables. But, people mostly find it boring to have them on a daily basis, so here are some delicious vegetable juice options which will provide you all those required multivitamins and fibers in one go.

Beet and Carrot Juice

Who doesn’t want a glowy skin? Everybody does! And these two ingredients helps you to do that. The mixture of beet root and carrot provides an extra punch of antioxidants and vitamin C to your body which keeps your skin nourished from within by purifying your blood.

Cabbage and Celery Juice

These are the most healthy things you can ever add to your diet. Cabbage and Celery is a great combination as it provide a great amount of fiber which helps you to keep your digestive track clean and strong. This juice is basically 95% of water itself, so it keeps you away from dehydration and and bloating.

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon is 90% water and adding this juice in your diet increases your daily intake of water. Moreover, it helps in lowering pressure level and prevents heart stroke. It is also one of the most delicious and refreshing drink for summers.

Bottle gourd Juice

I know, now you all must be wondering how is bottle gourd even important to our body, but let me remind you, bottle gourd is the most healthiest source of Vitamin C, k and Calcium. The juice might taste a bit odd but sometimes we need to ignore such things to give ourselves the benefits of it.

Cucumber Juice

Again, a well known refreshing juice consisting 95% water and one of the best diuretics  found. This juice is rich in fibers and antioxidants and also helps in dissolving the accumulated uric acid from your kidney and bladder.

Spinach Juice

A very powerful drink to give a boost of iron, minerals and calcium to your body. It not only keeps your digestive system in track but also keeps your bones strong. The nutrients present in it also helps in fighting breast cancer and heart diseases

Wheat grass Juice

Ever thought that even these tiny plants and grasses could do wonders to your skin and health. Wheat grass is an excellent choice to control cholesterol and to promote weight loss. It has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which makes it one of the most healthiest drink.

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