Types Of Diamond Ring Designs To Die For

A woman’s deep love for diamond rings has been incredible since time immemorial. The key to a woman’s heart is to make her wear the most stunning piece of diamond ring on a very special day. And when it comes to a diamond ring, the options and choices are infinite. Therefore, here is an endless list to choose from a wide array of staggering diamond rings.


A classic solitaire ring.

A classic solitaire piece has an ancient history and its origin can be traced back from Ancient Rome. During the 1940s it became a true jewel icon and the ultimate symbol signifying true love. As a result, they were used as an engagement rings. The timeless classic design of a classic solitaire ring enhances its versatility and it is till date the most preferred diamond ring.


These rings styles follow a pattern where the main centre diamond is circled by a chain of micro diamond stones. These micro diamonds enhance the main diamond with its flash like quality grabbing people’s attention to the bigger diamond at the centre. It is perhaps not necessary to have a diamond at the centre since one can prefer other precious stones instead.


It is one of the timeless choices when it comes to choosing a perfect engagement ring. These are designed to maximize the dazzle of the chic diamond. A princess cut design has a fancy square shaped diamond when looked from the top. This design turns out to be a perfect allure to contemporary styles.


A three stone design is an outstanding unique design to choose. The three diamond embodies the past, present and future. Indicated by the name itself, three diamonds are closely set together to create the design. The  three stones can be of the same size or the center stone may be the largest attracting the attention. This ring is available in numerous shapes and designs making them demanding in nature.


Side stones are smaller stones used for bringing out the dazzle of the main diamond in the ring. Basically, these smaller stones serve as a backdrop to a center diamond. This design not only turns out to be a halo ring that is when stones are placed circularly, but when they are placed at different positions, it brings our various other intricate ring designs.


These engagement rings feature a sparkling diamond with various facets. It is an extremely versatile ring design commonly used as an engagement ring. The vintage look of the ring makes it noticeable around other designs. Cushion-cut center diamond can be symmetrical like a square, nearly as round as a round-cut, or elongated like an oval.


Promise rings are different from engagement rings. They are like love bands available in pairs for couples. These rings symbolise true commitment and love for each other. Thus, promise rings are highly personalised and can be customised. One can add their preferred diamonds, engravings, gemstones and ring metals.

Now tell me, how can one not fall for a Diamond Ring? It is definitely not easy.

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