Did You Know About These 11 Types Of Eggs?

Have you ever thought for a second about the type of egg you have been eating? No, we are not kidding!! There are many types of eggs present, and if you are wondering about this topic, then continue reading this article and we bet that you will find exciting information about the types of eggs of hens here. 

Cage-free Eggs

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This is a type of egg that is produced by the hens that are raised in a free-run barn and they are cage-free. The hens are allowed to roam freely in a particular barn and a variety of enrichments like nesting boxes, perches, etc., are provided for the hens. It is also called free-run eggs.

The problem with this system is that the hens are left free to roam, but they are overcrowded sometimes, which contradicts the system. 

Free-Range Eggs

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This type of egg is yielded in the same way as in free-run or cage-free eggs, but the hens are allowed to roam in the outdoors when the weather condition permits.

Organic Eggs

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Some hens, which are raised in the free-range system are fed only organic food. Organic food contains ingredients that are grown without any fertilizers and pesticides. So the eggs produced by this type of hens are called organic eggs and they are both free-range and cage-free.

Omega- 3 Eggs

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These are naturally enriched eggs that come from hens, when an extra Omega- 3s is added to their diet. So, as a result, the eggs produced by these hens contain more Omega-3 fatty acids.

Vegetarian Eggs

The hens which are fed only plant-based ingredients produce eggs, which are called vegetarian eggs. The ingredients do not contain any animal by-products in it.

Nest laid Eggs

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The eggs are produced by hens which are raised in cages or otherwise called as furnished housing systems. But the furnished housing system provides the hens with more space to move around and enrichments like nests, perches, dust bath, etc are also provided within the cages.

Vitamin-enhanced Eggs

This type of eggs is similar to omega enriched eggs. Here the feed provided is nutritionally enhanced with certain vitamins like Vitamin D or E. So as a result, the eggs produced by the hens will have higher amounts of vitamins in it.

Processed Eggs

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Processed eggs are kind of different from the other eggs in the list. The eggshells are either peeled or broken by using special egg breaking machines and then they are pasteurized into either dried, liquid, or frozen egg products. These eggs consist of added ingredients like preservatives, flavoring, and coloring into them.

Commercial Eggs

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This type of eggs is slightly similar to the nest-laid eggs, but the housing system is designed in a way that the hens cannot move around and they are made to sit in a particular place for their entire life.

The commercial eggs are also called as factory-farmed eggs. This is considered an inhuman way of producing eggs, but the fact is that most of the eggs which we consume are of this type.

Antibiotic-free Eggs

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This type of eggs does not contain any kind of antibiotics or hormones injected in the hens or their eggs. So they are called antibiotic free eggs.

Standard White Eggs

This type of eggs is yielded by white hens, which are mainly raised in conventional housing systems. So they are called as standard white eggs.

Standard Brown Eggs

This type of eggs are similar to the standard white eggs, but it is yielded by brown hens, which are raised in conventional housing systems. So they are called standard brown eggs.

Araucana Eggs

The Araucana breed standards vary from one country to another. This is a different breed of hen whose eggshells are naturally green or blue. The blue color shell is caused when retrovirus is injected into the chicken genome, which in turn activates a gene responsible for producing the blue eggs. But the taste of the blue eggs is not different from the white or brown eggs.

Wrapping Up

Eggs provide you with a good source of high protein to your body and has many health benefits. So in this article, you have learned about the different types of eggs which you have in your diet. We hope that you find this article interesting. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article in the comment section.

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