Different Types Of Eye Shapes And Tricks To Enhance Their Look

“Eyes are the windows to your soul” you must have come across this quote quite a lot of times, well, it is true! Eyes tell a lot about a person and his/her nature. You must have heard people taking about different eye colors but not everyone knows about the different eye shapes that human have. Human eyes are categorized in 6 different types of eye shapes; knowing about your particular eye shape also makes it easy for you to create that eye makeup look, to make them look even prettier.


These types of eye shapes are devoid of a visible crease line and have a single eyelid. These eye shapes are mostly found in East-Asian people. Monolids itself is classifies as puffed, sunken, hooded and flat monolids. Smokey eyes goes well with these types, it provides a depth to your eyes and looks good in every occasion. In fact, winged eyeliner works as a game changer as it helps to uplift your eyes a bit and gives it a certain dimension which is required for the people having monolids as their eye shape.

Almond shaped

This one of the most common eye shapes found and is also the most versatile one, because every eye makeup look suits them perfectly and they are play with different eye shadows to create innumerable looks. If you have a visible crease line with your iris touching both the top and bottom of your eyes, then you an almond eye shaped person. Cat eye looks much impressive on these eye shapes and winged eyeliner is also a good choice to go with.

Round shaped

You know you have a round shape eyes when they are wide and circular in shape. One can easily identify a round shaped eye if he/she has a perfect crease line and the iris being surrounded by sclera (the white portion) from all sides keeping a space between both the top and bottom sides of an eye. People with round eyes should focus more on to stretching and elongating their eyes with making an intense eye look on the outer corners of the eyelids.

Hooded Eyes

These eye shaped people have no visible lid space as a layer of their skin keeps the eyelid portion hidden and makes the eye look smaller. People with hooded eyes should go with darker and intense shades on the upward portion of the crease. Thick eyeliner in the waterline with eye shadows over the crease would give a dimension to your eye and will also make them look bright and well define. Adding some falsies will also help to enlarge the eye look.

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes are those which have lifted outer corners and have an oval shape, they also lower lid is curved and well defined in comparison to the upper lid. To create a balanced look, one must put the eye shadows and liner proportionately. Smudged eyeliner looks, work wonders for upturned eyes as it help to enhance and highlight the upper portion of the eye. Putting falsies and mascara to your lower lash is also important.

Downturned Eyes

Opposite to the upturned eyes, downturned eyes are those which have their outer corners dropping downwards closer to the cheekbones. If your upper eyelid is more defined and prominent than the lower one, then you fall into this category. A makeup look which helps to give an illusion of lifted eye, looks good on them, and to create such effects one must use liquid liners with a flick at the outer corner to make the eyes look uplifted. Using lash curlers is also going to push the lashes up to give it a required shape.

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