Different Types Of Misconceptions About People In Bihar

It is a common trait of a human being to make assumptions about anything. And there is nothing wrong with it. But the problem arises when those people do not even want to inquiry about those assumptions. There might be some possibility that what they are thinking and believing is not correct or partially correct. 

The same kind of assumptions people has about people from different states. Being from Bihar, I have also heard a lot of assumptions from different people. So today, we are going to debunk some of the misconceptions people have about Biharis. So here is the list of some common assumptions people have about Biharis.

Bihari is the language of Bihar

The first assumption people have about Bihar is about the language. And I have got this from many people that please speak something in Bihari? Or Do you know how to talk in Bihari? The reality is Bihari is not a language. It can be used for the people living in Bihar. But not for the language we speak, 

Bhojpuri is the only language of Bihar

Okay, I accept the fact that most of the people of Bihar speak Bhojpuri. But we have different languages too. Some of the commonly used languages in Bihar are Maithali, Magadhi, Bajjika, and Angika. 

All Biharis are good in Mathematics

Another misconception that people have about Biharis is that all Biharis love mathematics. And I have got this not just in real life but also in many youtube videos and films. So, here is a Bihari studying arts telling you the fact that No, Not all Biharis are good in Mathematics.

Bihar Education Board is easy to crack

After the famous Ruby Ray scandal, people have created a notion about the Bihar education system is that it is easy to crack. Anybody can pass the state board of Bihar. And this is not true at all. I agree there have been some loopholes in our education system. But this is everywhere and in every state. 

All Biharis aim to crack UPSC only

I don’t know why people have this assumption that all Biharis aim to crack UPSC. Yes, we have some soft corners for government jobs. But that does not implement that each Bihari only wants to become an IAS officer. We have other dreams and aspirations too. 

Biharis are only familiar with Bhojpuri Cinema

Nope. All Biharis are not only familiar with the Bhojpuri cinema. We have a little knowledge of Bollywood and Hollywood, and we love to watch them too. 

Biharis have very little knowledge of English

Bihar has the lowest literacy rate in our country. But that does not prove the fact that we have very little knowledge of English. We can walk in English. We can talk In English. We can even laugh in English (it is a pun. So, please take it in that way).

Biharis do not have a dressing sense

Just because of some Bollywood movies and some shitty characters, people believe that Biharis do not have a dressing sense. We do know how to get well dressed. And how to respect others.  

Biharis don’t believe in the law system

Thanks to movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, people have this misconception that we do not have any law system in Bihar. It is not true at all. Yes, there are criminals everywhere so, does the executive and judiciary. If someone does something wrong, they will get punishment according to our constitution.

Biharis and UPites are the same

How can people from two different states be the same? Bihar and UP are two neighbouring states. And the people from these states are totally different from each other. 

Litti Chokha is our only meal, and we love to have it every day

I don’t know why people have this misconception about Biharis and Bihar. Yes, Litti Chokha is a famous dish of Bihar, but we can not have it every day. We are as normal, as others, and we love to try cuisines. 

Biharis are only familiar with Chhath Pooja

Chhath Pooja is one of the most important festivals of Bihar. Other than Chhath, we also celebrate Durga Pooja, Saraswati Pooja, Bhai Dooj, and many more. 

All Biharis live in a village

Yes, I agree Bihar is a poor state in comparison to other states. But that does not mean that all Biharis live in a village. Or we do not have any town in our state. 

Bihar does not have any historical Privilege

If you ever get a chance to visit Bihar, do visit Patna, Rajgir, and Nalanda. These places are carrying some rich history of not just Bihar but of the whole country. So, we do have a historical background and monuments. 

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