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Different Types Of Theater Productions You Can Enjoy

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Theater is a form of art that utilizes the artist to its core. It is a collaborative entity that uses performance arts, actors or actresses, and extravagant setups to create a larger than life effect. It has evolved from being only performed for the elite class in the former centuries to being performed in every institution that we know of, without discriminating between the audience.


Musicals are a significant part of theater that combines music with each element of performance. It is etched into every single component, be it dialogues, acting or dance. Beauty and the Beast is a well-known musical.

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It is the most widely known genre of theater which comes to mind when one thinks of theater. It is an extravagant display of emotions. The acting, emotions, and backgrounds are more dramatic than usual to display a sense of exaggeration. Richard III is a famous melodrama.

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This type of theater includes ridicules about trifles in society. Over the years the definition of comedy in theater has changed. Earlier if the plays ended with a happy ending it was assumed as Comedy, but nowadays plays of comedic nature often depict a social message at the end. As You Like It by Shakespeare if one of the famous ones.



Tragedy derives itself from human pathos, sufferings and painful events. These are often cathartic for the audience. Romeo and Juliet is the most dramatized tragedy. Shakespeare’s tragedies often have the characteristic nature of depicting the downfall of a man of high stature. Tragedies were derived from Greek legends but now vary by having multiple plots an characters.

Balcony Scene


It is a dramatic exaggerated comedy that is characterized by slapstick humour. It uses absurd and exaggerated events in the plot. The Importance of Being Earnest is a famous example.

the importance of being earnest


It deals with developing a sense of social understanding among the audience. It is often confused with tragedy but they differ in the original sense. It often centres around a figure through which we learn about a cause. The Trial of Joan of Arc of Proven is an example.

the trial of joan of arc


These plays are based on historical events or characters and are dramatic enactments of them. Julius Caeser is one of the most famous examples.

Julius Caeser


These plays interweave elements of tragedy and comic into one. They provide comic relief when tragedy strikes and often end with a happy ending. The Merchant Of Venice by Shakespeare is a tragicomedy.

The Merchant of Venice

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Written by Manvi Panwar


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