Different Types of Workout for Weight Loss

One of the major concern these days, is to lose weight and to look slim and fit. Obesity and weight gain has become a common issue in almost everyone’s life, and people are themselves responsible for that. Eating junks, not following a healthy lifestyle and hormonal imbalances is the root cause for such problems. But, exercise is something which can do wonders to your body and not only obese or fat people should be doing it; in fact, everyone must engage themselves in some sort of an exercise to stay fit and fine, like:


This is the most easiest and effortless way to lose those extra calories and to also keep your heart healthy. Walking 20-30 minutes every day can burn up to 200 calories per day, This low intensity workout is the safest option to shred the extra fat from your body.

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Running is one of the most beneficial activities which will keep all your body parts active and will make you feel energized. The most important factor of running is that it keeps your lungs strong and active. It also makes your muscles flexible and bones strong.


This form of a workout is well known to everyone and is considered as a very good method of maintaining a balanced metabolism. It develops mental, physical as well as spiritual health. Different forms of yoga are responsible for the healing of different body parts. One must definitely try this exercise, once.


It is an enjoyable form of a workout which is fun to do and beneficial in weight loss. People of all ages can do it for achieving their fitness goal. It builds cardiovascular heath and helps in lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure. It is also a safe form of workout for pregnant women.


It is that cool sport responsible for burning fat and keeping the leg muscles strong. It is an inexpensive way of exercising and makes your heart and lungs in good shape.

Jumping Rope 

Skipping rope is another very effective an inexpensive ways to work out and for weight loss. The continuous jumps during skipping increases the heart rate leading to a better blood flow.


This is new form of exercise which has become trendy these days. You will mostly see Bollywood and Hollywood actress performing Pilates for weight loss. It’s a bit different from other form of exercise where a special kind of apparatus is used. It is great for improving body posture, flexibility and strength.


Who doesn’t want to lose weight while dancing? Everyone loves to dance and Zumba is a deadly combination of both dance and exercise. This is fun way to shred a few pounds and to make your body extra flexible and active.


This is a medium intensity workout to provide extra energy to your body and is a great way for cardiovascular exercise. This also includes several dance forms which leads to a fit health and body.


Many different forms of exercises come under this form. Cardio mainly refers to the exercise which increases the rate at which the heart works. It strengthens lungs and heart, reduces stress and most importantly burns calorie in a much faster rate.

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