Dining Etiquette: Types Of Cocktail Glass wares For Serving It Right

The variety of cocktail glasses and other types of glassware created for serving alcoholic beverages is perhaps as varied as the number of drinks that can be served in them. From beer and wine to more complex mixed beverages, one can be assured that the perfect glass exists for each and every cocktail and drink!

The Margarita Glass

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A margarita glass can be literally the life of any party!  The part of the bowl in the glass nearest to the stem is usually smaller, margarita glasses possess a much broader bowl atop this narrow out-pouching. The glass has a wide rim which makes it easy to add a salt or sugar rim. Margarita glasses are also available in a wide variety of colourful designs.

The Champagne Glass

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They come in a variety of shapes like Champagne Flute which is thin glass has a tapered rim that is designed to keep the Champagne’s bubbles in the glass longer. Second comes, Champagne Tulip which is an elegantly styled glass with a longer stem and bowl of the flute, the difference is that the rim flares out instead of in. Lastly, the Champagne Saucer or coupe glass is a more traditional glass design. It is a flatter, rounder bowl and holds just around 6-8 ounces of drink.

The Brandy Snifter 

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As the name suggests, this glass is used for brandy, particularly sipping it straight. It is a huge glass, but only a standard pour of around 2 ounces fits inside. Also used for a few simple brandy drinks, most notably the aromatic B&B. If you enjoy fine brandy and drinks, this will be an essential glass for you!

The Martini Glass

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Martini glasses are often designed and created with much fun, unique stems and colours that cocktail enthusiasts can’t help but want a cupboard full of those. Designed with a conical bowl and a broad rim, these glasses allow the drinker to fully enjoy the aromas of the liquor.

The Wine Glass

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A wine glass comes in two basic variety, White wine glass and the Red wine glass. The shape of the wine glass itself delivers the wine to the palate in a way that the best accentuates the wine’s layered and complex flavours with ease.

The Shot Glass

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The shot glass is a very recognizable glass in the bar. They can come in various styles, shapes and sizes and are fun to collect. Short, small, narrow, and sturdy, shot glasses are usually available in sizes between one and two ounces. An average shot is 1 1/2 ounces while a ‘short shot’ or ‘pony shot’ is just 1 ounce.

The Beer Glass/Mug

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Mugs are preferable because you can hold your beer without warming it with your hands and they are also best when drank frosted.  Volume of a beer mug will vary greatly as many will hold between 10 and 14 ounces. A thicker base beer mug barely holds 10 ounces.

The Pint Glass

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Pint glasses are the most commonly used glasses to serve Beer. It has a wide brim, perfect for containing the head of a well-poured beer, and tend to be made with thick and sturdy glass. Pints typically hold 16 ounces and are sometimes used as a mixing glass.

The Rock Glass

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Rocks glasses are short, broad, and sturdy components of every bartender’s essential glass collection. Cocktails served in these glasses are typically made within the glass itself rather than in a shaker—layering mixers, flavours, ice, and liquor.  A single rock glass holds between 6 and 8 ounces and a double rock glass, holds up to 10 or 12 ounces.

The Highball and Collins Glasses

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The highball and Collins glasses are very similar to one another. The collins tends to be taller and narrower, more of a chimney shape and the highball tends to be stouter and usually tops off at 10 ounces. These glasses are a must have in a bar.

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