Famous 50 Magic Spells And Charms From Harry Potter Movies

All of those who watched Harry Potter will remember using and twirling the wands facing the mirror, and how we mutter Harry Potter spells repeatedly in the endless expectation that things will occur and also that magic is true.

While the letters from Hogwarts might never have reached, we’re always going to have the experiences and a long list of spells and charms.

Here are some of the spells and charms used in the Harry Potter movies. So, wave your wands and try them all!


A spell that evoked a stream of pure and drinkable water from a point of the caster wand was the spell that formed water. This charm can be categorized as an advanced procedure of transfiguration, in additament to being a spell.

It is known as the Water Making spell.


The Blowing up Charm is a spell that exploded the aim in a tiny blast.

One use for this burst is to blow open enclosed doors or even to boom bars off of window frames. The Bombarda Maxima incantation is a bigger and more powerful version of the charm.

Finite/Finite Incantatem

The General Counter Spell is a counter-spring for common use. This may cause minimal damage, like the impact of small jinxes, hexes as well as curses, to counteract or undo. It may be utilized on the whole household, as a safeguard before Muggle responds to the door, to (momentarily) interrupt the impact of preventive enchantments.


It is the charm that opens doors as well as other items.

You can also unleash gates that have been secured with a lockable charm, though the spell can bewitch gates/doors to make them unaffected by the charm. It is known as the Unlocking Spell.

Expecto Patronum used by Harry Potter

This charm is a highly effective and advanced defensive spell that will incite the spiritual guardian of their positive emotions to defend against dark creatures. The Patronus is an entity that takes the shape of any person who throws it.

If you have a time of emotion, the shape of a patron will alter.


The caster is magically transported instantly to another place.

The location is one of which the main caster has previously been to or has seen previously. It can be utilized to take many individuals if they touch each other together so, no chanting of the spell is needed then.


It fires up a cursed fire, which takes the form of animals that deliberately seek living goals and eat everything in their way, even almost indestructible substances like Horcrux. Moreover, since it is highly difficult to regulate and can’t be dispersed with natural or magical water, the fire becomes more hazardous.

Avada Kedavra

The charm causes instant death. A green light spark, as well as a rushing sound, are with it. There is no established countercurse, but love sacrifice can shield the victim from death.

This is one of the three Curses of Unforgiveness. 


The Sonorus is a charm to modulate the audio, whether it be a speech person or a part of the equipment. The trying to quiet charm that it the counter-balance of this charm is the Quietening Spell.


Ascendio was the charm that seeped into the air from the caster. The spell worked underwater, helping the casting person to propel the above surface.    

Broom Jinx

This jinx was intended to have a broomstick attempt. It was to throw off the drivers in a wide range of ways, like sudden lurches as well as aggressive swishing motions.


It is the Cruciatus Curse. The target of the curse causes extreme pain. Such a charm does not affect the victim directly but can lead to insanity in extreme circumstances. Suffering is defined as being pushed into the victim by hot knives. The individual who does so out of sheer spite or rage can not portray it successfully; he or she must have a genuine urge to carry the suffering.

If you cast this spell, you, like the two other Unforgivable Curses, will be sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban jail for this.


The Spell of Engorcement, which is also recognized as Rising Spell, is an immense swelling charm. The Shrinking Charm is a counter-charge that allows shrunk items to go back to their actual height. The caster will aggressively burst if it tries to tighten the target past a certain level.

This spell can be used safely in animals, but only when the counter-charm is mastered.


A spell that causes an opponent to fall out of his hand whatever he is holding is the Disarming Spell. This spell is typically used during duels to cause an attacker to drop his sword.


Expulso is a spell used for the creation of enormous explosions that blast a blaze of blue lighting on the aim. It has the power to toss individuals in the doors of the curse.

Harmonia Nectere Passus

Harmonia Nectere Passus reflects the charm utilized to restore and enhance the efficiency of a damaged Vanishing Cabinet. This needs more than just learning about the incantation before the system is harmed.


Mobilicorpus is the enchantment of charm that lifts bodies a few feet far above the surface. This spell can move individuals that are not capable of walking, irrespective of if they are aware of it or not. This might be a variant of a basic spell that is associated with a core Latin phrase, Mobiliarbus.


Flagrate is the spell of writing or drawing in the air through fiery lines. For a certain duration, the form lasts.

Everte Statum

The spell of Everte Statum causes a flyback of a few feet by the opposition. It leads to a brief shooting pain based on the intensity of the spell, but it seems to be not permanent damage.

Fianto Duri

Fianto Duri is the charm that can make magical defenses stronger, or more reliable when paired with a defensive spell-like Protego Maxima.


The Geminio is a charm used to replicate an object and to make an exact copy of it. It could also be utilized to curse an item to replicate again if struck, where the Gemino curse is named.


Accio is a summon spell. It summons an object towards the caster.

It can summon objects in direct line of sight of the caster, as well as things out of view, by calling the object aloud after the incantation (unless the spell is cast nonverbally). This charm needs thought behind it, and the object must be clear in the caster’s mind before trying to summon it.

The caster doesn’t necessarily need to know the location of the target if they say the name of the object to be summoned.

Brackium Emendo

Brackium Emendo was a curing spell to repair broken bones. The potion can be used to repair. It was not clear if that particular charm was genuine or just a variant of a healing charm which is the Homonculous Charm. The Homonculous Charm is one that enables the owner to trace each person’s emotions in the carted field, by marked points moving around the paper when placed on the map.

Homenum Revelio

It is known as the Human Revealing Spell. The charm reveals other people’s presence in the surroundings. The charm applies to a body with a symbol that the goal will feel “slipping” over it. It’s a modification in the charm in Revelio.


Morsmordre is the curse utilized to evoke the picture in the clouds of Dark Mark, the symbol of Lord Voldemort, as well as Death Eaters. Morsmordre is a sculpture of a curse. The Death Eaters label everyone who murdered as a calling card in their houses.


The Freezing Charm is a spell that slows the behaviors of the target and prevents it. When using this charm, living or animation targets are avoided, and items like Muggle burglar detectors stop working.

Petrificus Totalus

The Full Body Bind Curse is a spell that temporarily stills the attacker, which is also called a Body Freezing Spell. It is commonly used during dueling by noobs or young wizards.


Lumos is a spell that exposes throughout the dark the point of the wand of the caster. The counter-charm of its extinguishing spell a.k.a Nox, extinguishes the glow from the casters’ wand. Lumos Maxima is a spell that is a modified mode of Wand-Lighting Spell, a shimmering glow of vibrant white light.


The Oppugno Jinx is a jinx that guides the victim to strike an item or person. This spell causes the casters to strike the aim by conjured animals or any other moving objects.

Piertotum Locomotor

Piertotum Locomotor is an incant for spell utilized to put the inanimate and immovable artifacts alive. The motions of the trigger can be monitored via the spell caster.


The Imperio curse is among the three Unforgivable Curses, a weapon of dark arts. When effectively cast, this curse puts the victim entirely under the influence of the caster, even though an extraordinary willing individual may avoid it. One person is called Imperiused underneath the curse. It’s special among all the Unforgivable Curses as it can be defended away.

Vera Verto

Vera Verto is the enchantment of a spell turning the object into a goblet of water. Especially aves, rodents, as well as felines are vulnerable to this spell.


The Forgetting Spell or Forgetfulness Spell is a charm that could be utilized to remove certain remembrances from the brain of an individual.

The spell that makes false remembrances is quite distinct.


The Curse Reductor is an event that blows through solid materials.

Reducing a goal to mist or a pilot of ashes is very quick.


Episkey is a healing spell that was a treatment for fairly minor wounds like broken noses, toes, or lips. The spell may allow the parts of the body to be healed unexpectedly by adjusting the temperatures.


The Jinx Revulsion is a jinx that pushes the focus to free up everything it is holding. It tends to work for living as well as inanimate aims as long as it has anything.


A spell that can be utilized to fix a broken item without a hit as well as operate on most of the components is recognized as the Repair Spell.


Legilimency Spell is a spell that enables the caster to exercise Legilimency, in other phrases to deepen the victim’s brain, allowing the caster to visualize moments, feelings as well as thoughts. Highly qualified Legilimens can manipulate and construct realistic experiences of their targets.


A spell that does not require Muggles to see or access a region is Muggle-Repelled Spell. Anyone who is a non-magic person who gets close by coming near would memorize an important work when coming near to the enchantment and would leave.

Partis Temporus

Partis Temporus is the spell of making a distance between the place wherever the caster is pointing the wand. The spell makes a magical division possible in a Firestorm.


A spell that astounded people, making them motionless, was Stunning Spell (Stupefy), also recognized as Stunner (for short). This fascination has been extremely beneficial for a duel as it can finish a duel rapidly without permanently damaging it. The spell is even able to avoid the movement of moving objects. The counter charm of the Stunning Spell is Reviving Spell.


The Shield Charm is a spell that guards the caster with some invisible protection that prevents spells and blocking of physical beings.

Slugulus Eructo

A Spell that causes the person to puke slugs seems to be the Slug-Vomiting Spell. People may also add a sick look like a symptom.

It’s called a green light jet. In a few moments, Treacle Fudge could reverse the impact.


Incarcerous is a spell that evokes thick ropes or connectors from “thin air,” which binds anything to which the caster’s wand is pointing.

Repello Inimicum

Repello Inimicum is a spell that infuses up the shield of magnificent security around the position the caster is attempting to secure. When casting in combo with Protego Maxima as well as Fianto Duri, makes a great spell of a defensive shield.

Vipera Evanesca

The snake-vanishing spell is a charm that disappears snakes. The flame to the serpent spell or a spell that creates snakes can be utilized as a counter-spell for this spell.


The Tickling spell is a spell that causes the aim to strap with laughs and diminish them. It may have other effects too.

Wingardium Leviosa

The Levitation Spell is a spell utilized for flying or levitating objects. This is taught to the first-year students at Hogwarts. There are many smaller variants of the spell of Levitation, like the Hover spell, the Rocket spell, and the Floating spell, but the Spell of Levitation is still classic and greatest.


Snake Summons Spell is a spell of transfiguration that evokes a living snake. Of any spell that has been utilized to evoke life forms, the Bird-Conjuring Spell has been the easiest one. The counter-spell of the conjuration is a snake-vanishing spell.


A spell that is utilized to beat a Boggart and thus is a Boggart-Banning Spell. This leads the creature to take a hilarious form and a whip-cracking noise, thereby removing the capacity of Boggart to terrorize.

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