Did You Know About These Different Types Of Pasta?

This dish has probably taken over the entire Italian food cuisine itself and is among the most loved and preferred dishes from all around the world. It feeds your hunger whenever you are out of your staple food to eat for lunch and dinner or when you are planning to try something new for a change. People prefer eating it at breakfast, as well. Pasta is personally one of my favorite dishes and it comes in different shapes and sizes, like:


It is one of the most common types and comes in a spiral or helical shape and is most of the time served with a mixed or red sauce.


These are the one with a cylindrical shape and diagonal ends, and is prepared in almost all types of sauce and even with veggies and chicken.


It comes in a small elbow like shape and is among the most common tube-shaped pasta. And how can you forget about the famous mac and cheese? the classic one!


Unlike the regular small shaped pasta, these are long cylindrical pasta which is probably thicker than the noodles.

Fettuccine Noodles

These are the thicker versions of the spaghetti which are flat in shape. It is available in different varieties like egg, spinach, garlic, etc.


These are shell-shaped pasta, not that common but is delicious and is even available with cheese, stuffed inside it. And is served with white sauce.


These are the envelope-shaped pasta stuffed with different sorts of fillings like cheese – spinach or cottage cheese – mushroom, etc. It is a traditional Italian dish served with white sauce and tossed veggies.

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