Hilarious Cartoon Shows From The 80s, 90s, and 2000s

There are amazing cartoons for any generation, but the 80s, 90s, and a few from the 2000s are a bit more than anything else. This era introduced an acceleration in innovation in the animation industry and as a consequence, they created masterpieces in cartoons which were proof of time. The cartoons you saw as a kid do not just hold today, but are also even nicer than what kids see now in some contexts. Although not all cartoon shows were perfect, a handful of them was flawless in their implementation on the chart of all cartoons. Let’s have a look at these.

1. The Simpsons

the simpsons
source: britannica

In the 90s, the Simpsons were clever, culturally knowledgeable, and an incredibly entertaining TV for an average US family. No show- animated or unanimous- can touch the grandeur of the Simpson at its height. The Simpsons were brave with the landscape changing cartoon. 

2. Rugrats

source: DNA India

This show on how children look at the environment presented some of the most important views on everyday life on Television. Phil and Lil’s mother was slyly feminist in the backstory of their babies’ lives. Stu alerted the new generation of the truth of adulthood, while the Grandpa rented sincerely unexpected video clips. Rugrats was a layer-show, so it still stands when you look-see it as an elderly person.

3. Batman: The Animated Series

source: amazon

The effectively designed edition of Batman’s journeys was a hands-on animation set of the 90s well before the film sequence of Christopher Nolan. It’s a dim, gorgeously animated glance at Gotham that hadn’t ever intruded into the double life of Bruce Wayne although his tale was just like a radiating Saturday morning.

4. The Powerpuff Girls

the powerpuff girls
source: bustle

As a consequence of a chemical explosion, these girls were brought to reality for the first time and the cartoon network became immensely famous. Miraculously, a researcher who used a formula for making three young girls that ended out to be pint-sized superheroes was among the most feminist as well as enjoyable cartoons of the period.

5. X-Men

source: hollywood reporter

The cartoon showed viewers what the X-men are meant to be, unlike the X-Men films hit and miss franchises. Despite never quite misdirecting from its superhero, the animated feature did not refrain aside from the democratic issues of the comic books. In all conceivable ways, they appeared vibrant and varied. Battle, Romanticism-X-Men was an episodic superhero fun classic.

6. Recess

source: devian art

This is the cartoon, we can all relate to. During the recess, a crazy group of friends plus their wanderings were worth a visit. The vivid Recess which showed the social hierarchy controlling the playing fields everywhere provided a detailed analysis of class hierarchies. The series had been well revolutionary for its time and still is.

7. Dexter’s Laboratory

dexter's laboratory
source: hollywood

Dee Dee has been the best and most memorable part? Definitely, but everything about Dexter was a joy to enjoy. Ah! Dexter was every child’s hero back in the 90s. The brilliant boy, Dee Dee’s teasing sister, and the incredibly great secret laboratory. Where  Dexter had been phenomenal, Dee Dee had been a migraine agony. So, if you had not seen it in your 20s, start to download.

8. The Duck Tales

the duck tales
source: medium

Although the show ended running technically in the 90s, Indian children enjoyed quite well in the 2000s. One of the most iconic cartoon characters of the nineties was Scrooge McDuck or popularly known as Uncle Scrooge. And the Beagle Boys’, whose plans were always kicked off by Huey, Louie, and Dewey. The cartoon was a treat to watch.

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
source: pinterest

They made tortoises awesome in context. The legends we were brought up with included Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo as well as Donatello. They were trained under rat anthropomorphic sensei.  They fight crimes, evil lords as well as alien invaders while striving to maintain themselves hidden from society. The very first ones to create geeks look stylish was this cartoon show.

10. Samurai Jack

samurai jack
source: empty lighthouse

Jack, a Japanese ninja, who used a magic katana that can virtually cut everything. He was after overcoming the supreme evil called Aku. Perhaps the series was for young kids, however, it was gloomy. Each episode took viewers to the edges of their seat as Samurai Jack attempts to kill Aku once again, to keep this goal from being completed.

11. Johnny Bravo

johnny bravo
source: mental floss

Johnny Bravo showed us all how to “not” reach women. With a Beefcake body, hairstyle pompadour, and an Elvis like accent, he was a muscular sunglass-wearing guy who lives with his mum and aims to make women fall for him, but is generally not successful every time.

12. SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

source: tv time

Swat Cats was a badass epitome. The cartoon was everything that young boys were mad about– supercars, futuristic guns, sleek motorcycles as well as bare knuckles battles from the old school. Jake ‘Razor’ Clawson, with ‘T-Bone’ Chance now patrol Megakat Town like the SWAT Kats. They have been discharged from the Enforcers and now guard the town against the evil dangers. Their rivals involve Dark Kat, Pastmaster, Doctor Viper, and Metallikats.

13. Animaniacs

source: cbr

Animaniacs is a series of brief sketches of a wide range of different characters. The siblings of Warner, Wakko, Yakko, and Dot stayed in Burbank, California, among the other characters. The siblings were shut in the Warner Bros. water Tower until the 90s. When they escaped, they usually interacted and communicated with certain human characters who worked in the studio.

14. Courage The Cowardly Dog

courage the cowardly dog
source: screenrant

The horror yet comedy cartoon featured a pink anthropomorphic dog named Courage who lived with an elderly couple. The trio would then encounter a series of odd misadventures including the supernatural in each episode. It seems to be famous for its gloomy, mysterious atmosphere as well as humor.

15. Tale Spin

tale spin
source: just watch

Baloo and his cherished mustard airplane, you can’t forget! Tale spin was set in the city of Cape Suzette with characters recreated from The Jungle Book. It is centered on the journeys of bush driver Baloo the bear, to whom the cargo freight company had been wrested on unpaid bills from the bank operated by tiger Sher Khan on the default.

16. Captain Planet and Planeteers

Captain Planet and Planeteers
source: reddit

When it applies to educate young people regarding earth security as well as natural resources, nothing can outplay Captain Planet. The Soul of planet Earth, Gaia sends five mystical rings for five young individuals around the globe recognized as Planeteers. Four of them were with the ability to regulate an aspect of nature and one to regulate the aspect of the Heart. However, when a disaster breaks up, the Planeteers merge their rings and create Captain Planet, a vigilante incorporating all of their skills.

17. The Scooby-Doo Show

scooby doo
source: amazon

Scooby Dooby Doo! The series doesn’t need an introduction, starting from Velma and Shaggy to our own Scooby. The brown-faced Great Dane and his guards solved alien puzzles in the most fun way. Among other detective instincts, Scooby as well as the gang use their intellect to reveal mysteries which first seem unnatural but every time have a human plotting behind it.

18. Tom and Jerry Show

tom and jerry
source:: the conversation

It was synonymous with the childhood of the 90s concentrated on a sequence of theatrical cartoons produced until the deaths by Hanna and Barbera. The show comprises a collection of fighting between Tom, the cat, and Jerry, the mouse. Tom’s imaginative manner of catching Jerry and the tragedy resulted in his failure to do so focused around the storyline.

19. The Flintstones

the flintstones
source: variety

Yabba Dabba Do! The show was housed in Bedrock of pre-historic days. Notably, though the figures use devices from the Stone Age, their lifestyles resemble that in modern America in the 20th century. This portrayal of the world coexisting with cavemen, saber-toothed cats, dinosaurs, as well as wooly mammoths, and other long-extinct species.

20. The Jetsons

the jetsons
source: the verge

So while the Flintstones has modern urban issues in the Stone Age, The Jetsons is centered in a comical world of robots, invaders, and other amazing creations. The Jetsons was a future cartoon show. The Jetsons anticipated that all this would happen, one day like cell phones, skyscrapers, and autonomous drones.

21. Popeye the Sailor Man

source: story pick

Everyone heard of the sailor that consumes spinach and grows stronger. Originally written in the newspapers as a comic series, Popeye became a recognizable name when the show was launched. He always got into weird fights with the bad man, especially Pluto for saving Olive. This cartoon just altered our view of spinach in every episode. Thanks to Popeye!

22. The Addams Family

the Addams family
source: deadline

In the 90s a television show was tinted to children, a great deal of the macabre aspects of the Family. The main character presently lived in a safe and prosperous community of Happydale but still faced certain challenges from regular villagers who tried to throw everyone out from their home or catch each of them.

23. Mask the Animated

mask: the animated
source: daily motion

The cartoon has adapted several aspects of the movie, dropping several characters and changing the images of many characters. The show has been able to keep viewers chuckling despite a lack of Jim Carrey. Their inanity and most importantly the crap of their villains is brilliant.

24. Pokemon

source: the verge

At 10 years of age, Ash Ketchum starts his travel in Pokemon to become a Pokemon master. Because of oversleeping, he gets the only Pokemon left for him by Professor Oak that is a Pikachu. After a sequence of incidents, Pikachu believes Ash as they begin working with each other on their trip and helps Ash become the Pokemon Master, making many pokemon and humans their friends.

25. Thunder Cats

thunder cats
source: cinemablend

The cartoon series begins with Thundera’s world, which causes the Thunder Cats to run. Their ship has been targeted by attackers and Jaga (oldest) is forced to operate the ship while others stay in the capsule. On Third Planet after 10 galactic years, the Thundercats rise after he dies. Along with the pleasant Thunder Cats of the Third Earth, a ‘Cat’s Lair’ is built and battles the wicked wizard Mumm-Ra as well as mutants.

26. Spongebob Squarepants

spongebob squarepants
source: ew

The series is accompanied by Spongebob including his closest friend Patrick on a few of the Bikini Bottom (their hometown) journeys. Spongebob serves at a restaurant and goes to a boating academy. The cartoon lives in the way of memes and gifs and particularly in our minds to this day.

27. Dragon Ball Z

dragon ball z
source: my game trainer

Dragon Ball Z begins with Goku as a young child of 5 years was just after the close of the Dragon Ball series. An alien, Raditz comes to earth to inform him he’s a long-lost elder brother of Goku and they both are a Saiyan. Goku has also learned that he was sent to rule the world, but he lost his memories and real blood-thirsty personality with traumatic brain injury. Goku rejects to assist Raditz to carry out the mission and the mess follows.

28. Pingu

source: throwbacks

Pingu is a penguin who lives all day with his little sister named Pinga and parents in a city where everyone converse in the ‘Penguinese’ language.  He gets himself into challenging and disturbing circumstances daily but always discovers to learn a lesson.

29. Timon and Pumbaa

timon and pumba
source: walking the shoreline

Hakuna Matata! Hope you all remember this lively statement and the meerkat and warthog duo, Timon and Pumbaa who raised Simba. Timon is an intelligent, self-absorbing meerkat recognized for putting his name to Pumbaa’s ideas. Pumbaa does have problems with the flatulence but is still a fearsome fighter rushing into the fight like the battering ram.

30. New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

winnie the pooh
source: cbr

Some of our personal favorites were Winnie, Tigger as well as Piglet with whom we grew up. And frankly, this series is where everything starts. The cartoon showcases the everyday life of  Christopher Robin, and his friends Pooh, Piglet, Gopher, Eeyore, Rabbit, Tigger, and Owl. Episodes presented thoughts on integrity, responsibility, empathy, and love to help children learn it all in a fun way.

31. Inspector Gadget

inspector gadget
source: inspector gadget blog

The show portrays Dr. Claw’s with his corporation, the M.A.D., who are attempting to stop a powerful but dimly inspector of the police, called Gadget, with little success, through his investigation attempts. Nonetheless, no one suspects it is the sister of Gadget, Penny, as well as her puppy Brain, who is behind the thwarting MAD.

32. Teen Titans

teen titans
source: vulture

Past friend of Batman, Robin heads a squad of heroes including the shadowy Raven, the strong Cyborg, Princess Starfire, plus Beast Boy. The members of the Teen Titans retain a superheroic persona at all levels, unlike any other superheroes TV series.

33. Mr. Bean (Animated Series)

Mr. Bean
source: TBI vision

If you are Mr. Bean, life can be difficult. Although a fully-developed adult, Bean is unable to carry out even the most simple tasks. His perseverance is, thankfully, never unnecessary because he sees a solution around the issue. Mr. Bean, Teddy, Irma Gobb, Bean’s landlady named Mrs. Wicket with her cat named Scrapper are the main attractions of the show.

34. Family Guy

family guy
source: youtube

The family guy took all optimism from cartoons in the early ’90s. Family Guy has been one of the world’s most emblematic cartoons. Concentrating on Griffin’s household, the cartoon showed suburbia’s everyday life. Peter, Meg, Lois, Chris, and Stewie, with their speaking puppy, Brian were the main characters.

35. Chip N Dale

chip n dale
source: polygon

Chip and Dale are the two chipmunk brothers. Chip is usually focused, safe, and has a sense of logic. Dale is easy-going, lazy as well as impulsive with a good sense of humor. They are coupled with Mickey Mouse, Pluto, or, often, Donald Duck, who oppose the chipmunk brothers who take the limelight in short.

36. Richie Rich

richie rich
source: amazon

This cartoon shows Richie Rich, his family as well as friends and their adventures. In numerous adventures as well as plot twists, Richie Rich, the richest boy in the world gets involved. Irrespective of the situation, either through spending or through incredibly expensive devices, he continues to get on top.

37. Ed, Edd, and Eddy

ed, edd, eddy
source: reddit

The show consists of three little people, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, recognized together as the ‘Eds,’ reside in the city of Peach Creek. The trio also makes up plans to make money off their co-workers and purchase their favorite product, jawbreakers, with the informal leadership of Eddy. Generally, their schemes fail, putting them in numerous, frequently embarrassing, problems.

38. Make Way for Noddy

source: tv time

A young child who owns a compact car called Noddy drives through town to discover new experiences. Noddy is polite and trustworthy but often finds himself in problems, whether by his confusions or because somebody, perhaps one of the nasty goblins Sly and Gobbo, managed to play a twist on him.

39. Oswald

source: uplabs

The program is generally based on Oswald, an octopus, his connections with friends, acquaintances, as well as neighbors. Henry, a penguin as well as Daisy, a plant, among many others, and his sensible approach to treat, tolerate, and positive outlook about life is all in this cartoon.

40. Adventures of Digimon

Adventures of Digimon
source: hypebeast

Digivices that emerged before seven children in a summer camp bring them to the Digital World of Digimons (Digital Monsters). The Digivices of children help their companion Digimon to digit into stronger forms as well as battle enemies. When children wander to get home, they discover they’re DigiDestined, kids selected to protect the digital world.

41. Detective Conan

detective conan
source: anime sweet

The story goes by the high school investigator Jimmy Kudo who became a kid while finding a secret organization. He tackles other crimes while characterizing himself as his best friend from childhood’s father and other identities.

42. Justice League

justice sweet
source: dc comics

The greatest squad ever is potentially seven of the very powerful heroes. Dark forces, unrest, and ruin are seeking. Just a single possibility can also be found with guardians like Batman, Superman,  Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, or Martian Manhunter. Together with being a  metahuman power, the Justice League, and a belief that they will save the world.

43. Dennis the Menace

dennis the menace
source: independent

Animated show focused on Hank Ketcham is a classic comic strip. America’s most famous teenage terror Dennis the Menace, alongside his dog, Ruff with his buddies Joey as well as Margaret, goes through various scraps and experiences. This ensures tormenting Mr. Wilson, Dennis’ neighbor next door.

44. Alvin and the Chipmunks

alvin and the chipmunks
source: cartoon brew

The series follows a single parent, Mr. Seville, who raises three chipmunks (Alvin, Simon as well as Theodore). The show follows him and every episode has a soundtrack. The show takes the position in contemporary times and addresses contemporaneous topics like the technological issues of Dave.

45. Goof Troop

source: heavy

The show centers on how Goofy with his son Max including neighbors Pete and his family responds to each other. Goofy and Max eventually move in the neighborhood to Goofy’s buddy of high school: Pete, his wife Peg as well as their two kids, P.J. and Pistol. P.J. and Max. turn best friends and plot on nearly altogether.

46. The Dragon Tales

the dragon tales
source: WXXI

The show dealt with two twins, Emmy and Max, with an antique dragon scale that can understand rhyme and then take them to Dragon territory. They frequently travel to Dragon Land and assist mates, friendly four cool dragons with distinctive characteristics such as Cassie, Zak, Ord, and Wheezie.

47. Bob the Builder

bob the builder
source: cbs

Bob and his company will help with refurbishments, construction as well as renovations, and many other projects as required. The exhibition emphasizes dispute resolution, teamwork, socialization, and different learning skills. The slogan of Bob is “Can we repair it?” and “yes we can,” to that the other roles reply with “yes we will!”

48. Looney Toons

looney tunes
source: the verge

Looney Toons is a Warner Bros cartoon comedy series. Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny,  Porky Pig, Tweety, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Granny, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn, Marvin the Martian, Pepe Le Pew, Wile E. Coyote Speedy Gonzales, and many other cartoons have been added. Warner Bros are well known for introducing them all.

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