Top 10 Indian Youtubers/Vloggers You Should Follow ASAP

YouTube has always in trend since the day it came up as an online video sharing platform. Many Youtubers have made a fortune from the platform by sharing their podcasts, tech reviews and etc. Indian YouTubers have also earned a lot of fame and limelight from the platform. From buying a gadget to cooking, a lot of things can be well managed if taken a reference from YouTube vlogs. So here are 10 Best Indian Youtubers you must know about. 

Bhuvan Bam AKA BB Ki Vines

Nobody would’ve actually thought that a singer from Delhi who started his career from bars would at some point reach 17 million subscribers on YouTube. Well, he actually did it with his amazing commitment to his artwork. 

BB is an absolutely original artist who entertains millions with his amazing wit, humour and sarcasm. He won the award of “Most Popular YouTube channel”.

Ajey Nagar AKA Carryminati

Posted his first video when he was 10 and hasn’t looked back eve since. He’s a very popular gaming vlogger along with he roasts cringe content on YouTube. He entertains his viewers in his mother tongue –  Hindi. His popularity definitely reached a great height when he interviewed Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill. 

Ashish Chanchlani

This guy NEEDS to be on the list as he’s the Indian Youtubers with most subscribers.

Initially he started his vlogging career with movie reviews but eventually, he turned out to be really famous with his vines. From daily problems, studies to girl issues, you’ll find a wide range of vine content on his YouTube page.

Gaurav Chaudhary AKA Technical Guruji

Whenever it comes to the best tech reviewer in India, there’s no other name than Technical Guruji. Currently based in UAE this Indian Youtuber uploads wide range of tech reviews to his experiences at Burj Khalifa, Google Headquarters and Emirates HQ. So the thing is, whenever you’re looking for a new gadget to buy, Technical Guruji is the best to take suggestions from. 

Sandeep Maheshwari

Guy who started his career as a freelance photographer, eventually became a motivational speaker who received Limca book of records for photography. 

Sandeep is well known for his mantras for every problem aspirants encounter. 

Nisha Madhulika

Very famous across the country for his cooking and recipe videos. Nisha has acquired success both from being a great and a youtuber as well. 9.1 Million is quite a number when it comes to youtube subscribers. She has earned it through uploading a wide range of cooking videos for beginners to pro levels.

Amit Bhadana

Very famous for his daily life comedy, Amit Bhadana is another famous youtuber from the country people are very fond of. He is a law graduate who won “Best Youtuber award” for his youtube channel. His “Types of people in a bus” is the most popular video that went viral as soon as it got posted online.

Vidya Iyer AKA Vidya Vox

For all the music lovers out there, there’s no need for you guys to give any introduction about her. But, for everyone who doesn’t know about her, Vidya Iyer is a NRI youtuber who has earned 7 million subscribers through his music videos on obviously, youtube. Her grooving voice has come up with excellent mashups in bilingual sounds. The most viral video of her was a mashup – “Closer & Kabira”. 

Harsh Beniwal

From an actor to a youtuber, Harsh is definitely good at what he does and thats exactly why 8 million subscribers. He made his first debut in the movie “Student of the year 2”. He creates videos with his friends that his fans finds really hilarious. 

Nikhil Sharma AKA Mumbiker Nikhil

As long as his name is, longer the travelling journey he has. He is a very famous travel vlogger who through his travelling journey experiences, gains his fan following. Audience finds his videos very interesting as they are quite adventurous and exciting for people who have wanderlust. Whenever you’re planning to go on a holiday, you can pick up his video of the location and can be well prepared with his insights.

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