Most Difficult Types of Rubik’s Cubes

Rubik cube has surely been tried by every one of us, but not everyone can solve them. All the geniuses in the world are addicted to this. Over the years, several variations of Rubik’s cube have been introduced. To date, there are more than 60 types of Rubik cubes, so for all the geniuses out there, here are the 12 most difficult types of Rubik’s cube to test your brain.

1. Pot Shaped Cube Puzzle:

Pot Shaped Cube Puzzle
source: thingsIdesire

Get ready to give your brain a dose of extra stress by solving this pot-shaped cube puzzle. It is a big mess that you will have to put in place because the size of every block is different from the other, and also, the number of blocks is much more than the normal Rubik’s cube. It is known to be the toughest cube puzzle to solve since it requires a great degree of patience and solving.

2. 3D Gear Mechanical Cube:

3D Gear Mechanical Cube
source: amazon

Take your nerdiness to a whole new level by solving this mind-boggling inside- out 3D puzzle. This one was created by, Oskar van Deventer based on an idea by Bram Cohen. Also known as caution cube because of the likeliness of getting fingers stuck between the gears while speedcubing. The cube functions completely, on gear mechanism, it might look simple at first, but it will surely crack up your brain.

3. Pyramid Shaped Rubik’s Cube:

Pyramid Shaped Rubik's Cube
source: amazon

Fed up of the same square-shaped Rubik’s cube? Here a triangular version for you. It’s time to bring in some triangles to your life. The puzzle might look like tasty colorful baked chips. But trust me when you are gonna solve the puzzle, it won’t seem tasty at all. This tetrahedron-shaped 3-layered twisty puzzle is surely going to give you your worst nightmares.

4. Eco Dark Rubik’s Cube:

Eco Dark Rubik's Cube
source: pinterest

For all the DC Universe fans out there, this is surely one of the most interesting ones. For people who don’t like colors, this one is an eco-friendly cube made specially to unleash the darker side of your brain. The blocks here are of different sizes and shapes, and your goal is to put all of them in place. One of the hardest Rubik’s cube to solve, so sharpen up your mind before attempting this.

5. Shengshou Mirror Cube Puzzle:

 Shengshou Mirror Cube Puzzle
source: justdial

Probably one of the most elegant Rubik’s cubes available, well you can call it a beautiful mess. This stylish and cool looking puzzle is made up of different sizes of blocks that can be rotated, in any direction you want. Its smooth rotation feature makes the puzzle, very fun to solve too.

6. Monster 13×13 Magic Cube Puzzle:

Monster 13x13 Magic Cube Puzzle
source: pinterest

The monster cube is made up of the monstrous 13 layers, which also features a robust mechanism that delivers smooth turning on all layers. Most of the companies will provide you a full set of extra factory stickers with application tape in case you need to replace any stickers. Currently, the monster cube is the largest cube in production.

7. The Void Cube:

The Void Cube
source: wikipedia

The void cube or the void puzzle is a 3-D mechanical puzzle that shares its resemblance with the Rubik’s cube. But there is one difference between the two, the centerpieces are missing, which causes the puzzle to resemble a level 1 Menger sponge. To clear out your confusion, it is basically a Rubik’s cube with the middle portion being absent.

8. USES3 Quadruple 2×2 Cube:

USES3 Quadruple 2x2 Cube
source: amazon

Here is a marvelous piece of plastic engineering, the USES3 quadruple or stairwell’s Rubik’s cube. It is a huge mess that you have to put in place and is known to be one of the toughest puzzles to solve. The puzzle consists of 3 cubes each of which is 2×2 and you have to set them in the shape of the stairs. Don’t let its tiny structure fool you, it too has the potential to make your brain go crazy.

9. Brainteaser Circular Rubik’s Cube:

Brainteaser Circular Rubik's Cube
source: pinterest

For all the puzzle enthusiasts out there, here is a circular Rubik’s cube for you all, well an exception to the cubing community since it has more of a circular shape. It is very colorful, it can even be an aesthetic addition to your work desk. It consists of many blocks of various sizes and shapes, all you have to do is put all the colors in their respective place.

10. X-Cube:

source: amazon

The x cube is an x shaped cuboid, which is shapeshifting. It definitely takes things to the next level as it will completely change your perception of the Rubik’s cube. It is advertised to have over 125 decillion different permutations, so definitely worth solving.

11. Black Square Rubik’s Cube:

Black Square Rubik's Cube
source: wikimedia commons

Black square Rubik’s cube is here to quench your excitement. It is also known by the name square 1, back to Square One or Cube 21. It consists of 3 layers, the upper and lower layers contain the kite and triangular pieces. The middle layer has two trapezoid pieces, the level of brains used to design this one is crazy!

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