Bizarre And Unknown Types Of Alcohol Drinks – A Trivia


    How many of us love to drink our alcohol beverages? But do you know the world is full of strange flavoured alcohol drinks? These are made from things one can’t even think of! so lets take this quiz to find out more about some of these.

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      Made in South Korea, this drink is largely a rice mixture similar to saki.

      • Fernet Branca
      • Soju
      • Pulque
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      An Italian mixture of 13 plants and herbs, the major ingredient of this drink here is artichoke.

      • Chili Vodka
      • Chicha
      • Cynar
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      Popular mostly in Turkey and Iran, this drink is concocted out of twice-distilled grapes that have gone unsweetened.

      • Irani Whiskey
      • Raki/Lion’s Milk
      • Malort
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      Craft brewers often try this to get cute with their mixtures.

      • Chocolate Donut Stout
      • Sorghum Wine
      • Comb 9 Gin
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      This Thai whiskey comes with the added bonus of a dead cobra and a dead scorpion.

      • Snake and Scorpio Whiskey
      • Solist Amontillado Cask Whisky
      • Old Punk Pumpkin Spice Whiskey
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      This is a beer that tastes like pizza that comes with basil, oregano, garlic, tomatoes and pizza crust.

      • Mamma Mia Pizza Beer
      • Pinga de Tuto
      • Sarsaparilla Whiskey
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      This one has the urine of two elderly diabetic patients used in the fermentation of whisky production.

      • Four Grain Bourbon
      • Chipotle Whiskey
      • Gilpin Family Whiskey
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      This booze is the first and only vodka made with quinoa.

      • Red Fish Vodka
      • Big Dill Vodka
      • Quinoa Vodka
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      This booze is made with actual smoked salmon and distilled with glacier water.

      • Naga Chilli Vodka
      • Smoked Salmon Vodka
      • Bacon Vodka
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      Black Cow – the company that makes this in England, takes milk from grass-fed cows and turns it into booze.

      • Moosemilk Whisky
      • Pure Milk Vodka
      • Swizzle

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