How Much Do You Know About Our Indian History?


    Indian history is recognized in the whole world. The cultural and linguistic diversity, the monuments and the rulers have shaped the different identity of our history which stands out across the globe for its rich heritage. Every Indian is proud of it!

    Here are some quiz bites to test your knowledge of the Great Indian History.

    • Question of

      The famous sacred books Tripitakas belongs to which religion?

      • Buddhism
      • Jainism
      • Hinduism
      • Zoroastrianism
    • Question of

      The famous ruler of Vijayanagara, Krishnadev Raya’s book Amuktamalyada was published in which language?

      • Sanskrit
      • Pali
      • Telugu
      • Kannada
    • Question of

      The famous tourist attraction Red Fort in Delhi is built by which ruler?

      • Akhbar
      • Ustad Ahmad
      • Aurangzeb
      • Humayun
    • Question of

      Which daughter of Shah Jahan designed the Chandani Chowk Bazar?

      • Roshanara Begum
      • Shanhara Begum
      • Husnara Begum
      • Jahanara Begum
    • Question of

      In which city famous monument built by Aurangzeb Bibi ka Maqbara located?

      • Aurangabad
      • Indore
      • Dwarka
      • Ujjain
    • Question of

      Who was the last emperor of the very famous Mughal Empire?

      • Humayun
      • Aurangzeb
      • Bahadur Shah Zafar II
      • Jahangir
    • Question of

      The famous sand stone marble mausoleum in Delhi – Safdarjung Tomb was built in which year?

      • 1680
      • 1748
      • 1760
      • 1698
    • Question of

      What is another name for the imposing monument located in Lucknow – Chota Imambara?

      • Imambara Mahal
      • Shia mahal Mubarak
      • Muhammad Ali Mahal
      • Imambara Hussainabad Mubarak
    • Question of

      Which King is entitled to start the tradition of Organizing Kumbh Mela?

      • Harshvardhana
      • Krishna Dev Raya
      • Narshimhvarman
      • Bahadur Shah
    • Question of

      Famous books Upanishads are based on which theme?

      • Medicine
      • Philosophy
      • Economic
      • Cultural Life
    • Question of

      Who was the first successful ruler of India to own a territory outside India?

      • Akhbar
      • Chandragupta Maurya
      • Huvishka
      • Kanishka
    • Question of

      In which state hymns of Rigveda was composed?

      • Rajasthan
      • Madhya Pradesh
      • Punjab
      • Tamil Nadu
    • Question of

      Who was the excavator of the first civilization found – Harappa?

      • B. K. Thapar
      • Mackey
      • Daya Ram Sahni
      • Vijay Dubey
    • Question of

      What was the local name for Mohenjodaro?

      • Mould of the Dead
      • Mould of the Living
      • Mould of the Survivors
      • Mould of the Flowers

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