10 Most Popular Words Used Internationally – How Many Of These Different Types Of Languages Can You Translate?


    Bored in Quarantine? Here’s something new for you!

    Did you ever sign up for learning different languages on Duolingo? And never finished the whole learning course? We’ve all been at that stage at some time or the other! Since the international travels are closed and it is more advisable to stay at home, we thought of bringing the world to you through this quiz!

    Here are some basic words of the different types of international languages. This quiz will help you gain on to the basics of these international languages. Take this quiz and find out!

    • Question of

      ‘Bonjour’ means –

      • Hello in French
      • Hello in Spanish
      • Hello in Italian
    • Question of

      ‘De Nana’ means –

      • Hello in French
      • Thank you in Spanish
      • You’re wecome in Spanish
    • Question of

      ‘Obrigado’ means –

      • Thank you in Portuguese
      • Thank you in Irish
      • Thank you in Dutch
    • Question of

      ‘Avjo’ means –

      • Goodbye in Gujarati
      • Hello in Gujarati
      • How are you in Gujarati
    • Question of

      How do you say ‘Hello’ in Spanish?

      • Gracias
      • Hola
      • Adios
    • Question of

      ‘Mitra’ means –

      • Friends in Hindi
      • Friends in Gujarati
      • Friends in Marathi
    • Question of

      ‘Buongiorno’ means –

      • Good Morning in French
      • Good Morning in Swidish
      • Good Morning in Italian
    • Question of

      A young French woman is known as –

      • Madame
      • Mademoiselle
      • Dame
    • Question of

      ‘Salud’ means –

      • Greetings in Spanish
      • Cheers in Spanish
      • Morning in Spanish
    • Question of

      ‘Ciao’ means –

      • Goodbye in Italian
      • Hello in Italian
      • Goodbye in Spanish

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