Types Of Popular Pasta Shapes – Here Are 10 For You To Name

types of pasta shapes

Don’t you think different pasta shapes makes pasta just the best crowd-pleaser there is out there? From being everyone’s go-to snack, to being a vital part of one’s dinner menu, this delight truly has no boundaries fixed to its enjoyment. So here are 10 well-known types of pastas for you to guess based on their shapes.

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    The angel hair pasta –

    • Vermicelli
    • Taglierini
    • Capellini
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    The ribbon-shaped pasta –

    • Tagliatelle
    • Pappardelle
    • Fettuccine
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    The bow tie pasta –

    • Ravioli
    • Farfalle
    • Tortellini
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    The twisted spiral pasta –

    • Fusilli
    • Rigatoni
    • Rotini
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    The long, thin, and flat pasta –

    • Spaghetti
    • Linguine
    • Trenette
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    The concaved little ears pasta –

    • Orecchiette
    • Gnocchetti
    • Chifferi
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    The wider flat pasta –

    • Agliolini
    • Perciatelli
    • Pappardelle
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    The elbow-shaped pasta –

    • Tortiglioni
    • Macaroni
    • Tufoli
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    The cylindrical tube-shaped staple pasta –

    • Penne
    • Trenne
    • Garganelli
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    The long and thin string pasta –

    • Bucatini
    • Spaghetti
    • Manicotti

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Written by Aarzoo Mehta

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