13 Types Of Bizarre Phobias People Suffer From – A Trivia

    Types of phobias

    Think about phobias so unusual and insane, that even the spider in the corner of your room suddenly seems friendly to you. And now, think about living through this. Horrible, right? But guess what? Some unfortunate souls actually suffer from these!

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      Ever heard about the irrational fear of hair?

      • Capilliophobia
      • Piliphobia
      • Chaetophobia
      • Trichophobia
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      What would you call the pathological fear of the sun?

      • Solisophobia
      • Heliophobia
      • Helioseismophobia
      • Luminophobia
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      You must have heard about the ‘fear of the unknown’, but what would you call the fear of the familiar?

      • Oikophobia
      • Associophobia
      • Notaphobia
      • Familiaphobia
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      Everyone in a way is afraid of making choices, but what is the phobia of making decisions?

      • Apofasizophobia
      • Decernophobia
      • Glossophobia
      • Decidophobia
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      Yes, fear of the rain exists. Which of the following is a term for this phobia?

      • Aquaphobia
      • Agoraphobia
      • Ombrophobia
      • Hydrophobia
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      Imagine having past punishments leading to a fear of being tied up. Which of these is a phobia of strings?

      • Vestiphobia
      • Linonophobia
      • Lachainophobia
      • Eremophobia
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      The irrational fear of opening your eyes sounds as bizarre as it is.

      • Optophobia
      • Opthalmophobia
      • Yeuxophobia
      • Nyctophobia
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      Ever heard of a cheddar slice causing someone anxiety? What is the term for the fear of cheese?

      • Lachanophobia
      • Cheezophobia
      • Caseusophobia
      • Turophobia
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      Ever heard of the usual fear of bellybuttons?

      • Tomophobia
      • Ompholophobia
      • Necrophobia
      • Hemophobia
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      Did you know that the sight of the Ruler of the Vatican city could induce terror? Which of these is the fear of the Pope?

      • Pontiffophobia
      • Papaphobia
      • Prontophobia
      • Supremophobia
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      Brace yourselves, this is going to be a mouthful. The irrational fear of getting peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth.

      • Arachibutyrophobia
      • Cibophobia
      • pseudophobia
      • Melanophobia
    • Question of

      Try and fathom the fear of expressing your own opinions.

      • Sociophobia
      • Ekfrazontophobia
      • Doxophobia
      • Xenophobia
    • Question of

      Lastly, what if the thought of not being scared at all gets to you? Which of these would mean having the fear of phobias itself?

      • Phobiophobia
      • Phobophobia
      • Anisychiophobia
      • Phoviophobia

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