Discover Types Of Haunted Places Your Personality Is Drawn To

    haunted places

    Did you know that auras have a tendency to be drawn to certain places? Whether you’re a believer of the unknown, or you’re someone who’d rather stay away from it, your personality is bound to be more attracted to certain types of haunted places. Let’s find out what’s your calling, shall we?

    • Question of

      You’re out for a walk. Which scent do you think you’d be drawn to?

      • Wet Mud
      • Old Books
      • Burning Fumes
      • Coal Furnaces
    • Question of

      Sounds can be intriguing. Which of the following do you think would catch your attention the most?

      • Echoing Chants
      • Gushing Water
      • Distant Laughter
      • Crickets Creaking
    • Question of

      Moving on to the sense of vision. Which of these sights or ideas would get you thinking?

      • A room that always seems lit up
      • A staircase leading to your future
      • A supposedly cursed trunk
      • A reflection that could bewitch someone
    • Question of

      If you’re ever under attack, which of the following would you wish to have at that moment for defense?

      • A Knife
      • An Axe
      • A Glass Bottle
      • An Iron Rod
    • Question of

      Which of these would scare you the most?

      • Barking Dogs
      • Screeching Owls
      • Cawing Crows
      • Squeaking Mice
    • Question of

      “Help!” You hear someone crying out this way outside your window. Your thoughts?

      • Be concerned I guess?
      • That’s just my neighbour playing a prank.
      • Okay, something’s not right.
      • I’d just go look.
    • Question of

      Which of these sentences seem the most enticing to you?

      • “The window overlooked a landscape of trees acting as a shadow.”
      • “The crevices of the walls displayed messages staring back at me.”
      • “The ivory floors still glitters in the moonlight to this day”
      • “The canvas portrayed a array of colours I didn’t know existed.”
    • Question of

      What is your must have in desperate times of emergencies?

      • Water
      • Food
      • A Torch
      • A weapon
    • Question of

      If you and your companions are in trouble you would, –

      • Call for help
      • Try to escape
      • Hide and be out of sight
      • Just fight head on
    • Question of

      Imagine you’re looking for a house. Which of these would you be picky about?

      • The number of the rooms
      • The lobbies and passages
      • The need for open spaces
      • The view you’d get
    • Question of

      Lastly, pick a direction, and be random about it.

      • East
      • West
      • North
      • South

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