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One must behold the wonders of this remarkable device that lets you capture your favorite moments and lets you treasure them forever and goe to live on even when one goes back to the earth. Of course, we are talking about the camera, designed by Johann Zahn in 1685. But the first ever photograph was taken in 1814 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce.

And ever since it was discovered, it has been going through improvements and changes to become the compact, portable and handy device as we know it today.

Cameras have changed modern day lives allowing us to click and capture every moment and save all of our favorite memories. Even in the past few decades, cameras have developed with time. While in the earlier days, one would require a film to click pictures and wait for a few days to have it developed, today one can capture and see a picture with one click. There is no doubt that cameras have come a far way with the help of technological improvements.

Today the most common types of cameras are the ones that are inbuilt in your phone or DSLRs which are used by many people now. Many are not aware of types of cameras that are used in the common day.

So here is a list of different types of cameras that one should know of.


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DSLRs are definitely one of the more common types of cameras that are found in the modern day and age. DSLR stands short for digital  Single-lens reflex camera. These types of cameras are of the professional grade but now, they are used by the normal consumer as well. It comes with a camera body and has a detachab;e lens, so it is upto the photographer to use the lense of their choice. DSLRs give a crisp, sharp and a very clear picture which is why it is used mainly by professionals. And now also more commonly used by normal consumers due to its image quality and is much preferred over the point and shoot.

Point and shoot

point and shoot
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Point and shoot cameras were all in the rage a few years ago when digital cameras became available and more affordable. These types of cameras are your typical digital cameras. They are lightweight, portable and compacts and are also very simple and easy to use. 

Inbuilt with a fixed lens, these types of cameras are best for simply taking pictures on-the-go as they do not perform as good as a DSLR.


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Mirrorless cameras are very much similar to DSLRs as they almost have similar functions. The main characteristic of these types of cameras is that mirrorless cameras do not come with an optical mirror or an optical viewfinder.

Action/go pro

Action/go pro
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These types of cameras are perfect for heavy physical activities such as sports, water sports or even extreme adventures such as bungee jumping or even skydivining. Dur to its miniature size, action cameras such as go-pro can be fit anywhere on the body with the help of a harness. These types of cameras are also great for shooting time-lapses. Go-pros have a wide angle lens which will give a slight fish-eye effect making the edges of a video or photo you capture a little rounded. And as versatile as it can get, these cameras can also be used underwater.


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Polaroids are also known as instant cameras and as the name would suggest these types of cameras will instantly develop your photos as soon as you click them. The first Polaroid cameras were invented pre-1963 and used film. And with the onset of digital cameras, they became rare. But, polaroids have made a come back with models such as the Instax by Fuji and the Polaroid as an homage to vintage instant cameras.

360 camera

360 camera
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360 cameras have grown into popularity recently and allows the user to take 360-degree pictures which captures the entire scene. These types of cameras are very useful for capturing panoramic views of sceneries. 

Film camera

Film camera
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The types of cameras that use film to capture a picture is a film camera. Film cameras were popualarly used before digital cameras took over the market. Film cameras are definitely a thing of the past but many antique and camera enthusiasts collect film cameras as vintage collectibles as well as for photography.

Video camera

Video camera
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Also known as camcorders, video cameras are used for taking videos. Handheld video cameras rose to popularity during the 1990s. Video cameras have the sole purpose of taking videos.

Light field camera

Light field camera
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Very different from the conventional camera, these types of cameras take the information of the light in front of it which means that these types of cameras do not need to focus. Lytro was a very famous company which made light field camera.

Medium format

Medium format
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These cameras come with a 120 mm lense and have a timeless essence to it. These types of cameras use a film to capture pictures and while you can save up and buy a medium format camera, the films used for these types of cameras are expensive and hard to come by.


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SLR or the single light reflex is the previous generation to the DSLRs. SLRs were the professional cameras before DSLRs came into the scene. SLRs use films to capture pictures.

Disposable camera

Disposable camera
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Also called single-use cameras, these types of cameras are for single use purposes and can be disposed of after use. They have a fixed-focus lens and use a cartridge film.

Toy camera

toy camera
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Despite the name, toy cameras are not actual toys. These types of cameras are fully capable of taking pictures and due to their inexpensive film and body, toy cameras are very simple and do not have any fancy functions.

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