The Types of Tobacco Products You Should Quit To Stay Healthy

Tobacco is nothing but a plant whose leaves are first dried and then fermented. It is then used in tobacco products. But beware, these tobacco products have more disadvantages than advantages. Tobacco contains nicotine in high amounts. Besides, nicotine infamously leads to addiction and many health hazards. But along with nicotine, tobacco contains many more chemicals which are harmful to the human respiratory system. 

Did you know that nicotine while being addictive, can also cause damage to the brain? Various other chemicals present in tobacco lead to serious health hazards like lung cancer, increased risk of a heart disease resulting in a stroke or heart attack. Moreover, it can also be a factor for leukaemia, Type 2 diabetes and especially mouth cancer. People who are exposed to the smoke fumes exhaled by the person who is smoking are secondhand smokers. This exposure also leads to lung and heart diseases. 

Generally, when we use the term smoking, what exactly comes to your mind? Cigarettes, of course. But those pesky cancer sticks are just one of the many different tobacco or smoking products available in the market. However, they all have one agenda in common – addiction, multiple diseases, empty bank accounts and early death. Don’t forget the saying, ‘arsenic kills if you swallow it and tobacco kills if you smoke it’. Here is the list of the different tobacco products you can come across (and you definitely should stay away from).


It would’ve not been right to start with any other kind of tobacco product. Cigarettes are by far, the easiest and most used way to consume tobacco. From teenagers to people of old age, it’s an addiction for all. Cigarettes are of many types, brands, sizes and shapes but the harmful effects are the same for all. Moreover, giving up cigarettes can be very hard. Without a doubt, many people and especially the younger generation consider smoking cigarettes as a ‘trend’. It’s simply to look ‘cool’ and fit into the crowd. But nothing about a cigarette is cool as it can cause cancers of the lungs, pancreas, oral cavity, pharynx, oesophagus as well as leukaemia. Not only that but it could also result in a heart disease or stroke. 

Hookah or Shisha

I’m sure you’ve all seen videos of your friends blowing smoke towards their phone screens. No, we don’t understand the purpose of that either but we do see the hookah pipe in the frame. Hookah is nothing but a pipe used to smoke Shisha, a mixture of tobacco as well as fruit or vegetable ‘flavour’. These flavours range from names like ‘double apple’, ‘blue mist’, ‘absolute zero’ and many more. The flavour is heated and the person smokes the Shisha through the pipe which is filtrated through water.

The tobacco is normally heated with the help of charcoal. Many people believe that hookah doesn’t have the same disadvantages as cigarettes. However, WHO revealed that smoking hookah for just one hour is equivalent to smoking 100-200 cigarettes. Hookah smoking can cause respiratory diseases, lung and mouth cancers and heart failures. A group of people using the same hookah pipe can cause herpes or hepatitis. It is important to understand that the hookah smoke contains high levels of nicotine along with carbon monoxide and various other cancer causing toxic compounds. 


Vaping. You’ve definitely come across this term in the last year or so. If you haven’t, are you living under a rock? E-cigarettes have many different labels to it. Some call it e-cigs (that’s basic), some call it hookah pens or e-hookahs. But a large majority of teenagers refer to it as ‘vape pens’ or ‘mods’ or the very famous JUUL. In the near end of 2017, teenagers went into a frenzy and were suddenly obsessed with juuling or vaping. But they didn’t realise the potential health hazards. E-cigarettes are of different shapes and sizes. But they all have a battery, a place to fill the liquid and a heating element.

Nicotine comes into the picture, again. Just like all other tobacco products, e-cigs also cause cancers, respiratory diseases. It also contains nickel, tin and lead which have already caused many health problems in teenagers. It’s highly addicting and can cause serious damage. While vaping helps some people to quit smoking, it’s not the same for all. We get it, it’s not as dangerous as smoking cigarettes but we don’t know a lot of information about vaping yet. It’s important to put your health first. 

Cigars or Pipes 

Smoking cigars or pipes goes long back. Remember those old films? The villains always have a cigar or pipe in their hand. Besides, pipes are reusable. The tobacco is place in the space provided called bowl and lit. The smoke is then inhaled from the other side which is called the mouthpiece. It can easily cause tooth loss, cancer of the mouth, lip, throat, tongue, pancreas, lung, larynx as well as kidney and leukaemia. Pipe smoking also causes gum disease and bumps on the tongue which are stained by tobacco. Moreover, the tongue ends up looking either discoloured or black in colour. Yeah, that’s not great at all. 

Cigars on the other hand, are made from a single type of dried tobacco. The leaves are first dried for a long period, almost a year before they are fermented. The fermentation process gives it a different taste from regular cigarettes. As you know, cigars are larger in size than cigarettes. Besides, they don’t have a filter. Little cigars come in many different flavours like chocolate, apple, mango and cherry. However, cigars contain way more nicotine than cigarettes which is inhaled either through the nose or the lining of the mouth of the smoker. Besides, it can result in sexual impotence in men like erectile dysfunction. Apart from cancers, it can cause the gums to shrink away or cause gum disease. 

Tobacco indeed has many more disadvantages than advantages. It causes an impact on your health, family and wealth. It’s your choice, but don’t be too late and lose your life to a mere cigarette or hookah pipe 

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