Top 10 Beard And Moustache Styles You Guys Can Try

Gone are the days when you keep yourself clean shaved and cruise around showing off your jawline, you ace it with your beard now! 

Since a couple of years, beards have become men best friend ! Any movie, name it, the protagonist guy will be in a beard which clearly states that if you wanna be trendy, grow a beard as that’s exactly what’s in fashion. 

Yet, there are always some who cannot manage to care for their beard and boy it’s itchy! Some cannot grow it because workplace happens to be too formal.

For everyone out there who cannot grow beards for whatever reason that may be, and still want to be in facial hair fashion, we got you absolutely covered. 

Muchacho, a moustache is exactly what you’re buyin’ !

Here are Five Beard and Moustache Styles you definitely wanna know,


The circle beard is nothing but the same old school retro French beard. The circle beard definitely makes you look classy as from your very normal fashion, it turns you into “Monsieur”. It obviously grows in a round shape and hence, the name. 


It’s probably the easiest to achieve because long beards do take a long time to get grown. After you shave, just leave your beard for two to three days and according to your beard growth you’ll turn a head turner very soon ! According to your personal hair growth structure, you can always trim accordingly. Like you can trim hair off your cheeks to make you look even more sharp and bring out the perfection in your beard.


A soul patch is for people who aren’t too committed to maintaining their beard and wants to have some change. A soul patch is a sole beard patch on your chin. So whenever you wanna have less, really less beard and you wanna look artistic more like an Italian painter like Picasso, a Soul Patch is exactly what you should go for !


Probably the most popular and trending these days is long stubble. Long stubble is another name for perfection in the beard dictionary ! After achieving a short stubble, you gotta be patient for some more time and eventually let’s say around a week later you’ll achieve it. It’s the most striking yet hard to maintain beard style. You gotta be very careful about trimming it around Adam’s apple and your cheeks because if isn’t done, your beard will look unkept. 


Raw, intense and perfectly manly is exactly what a full beard is. You gotta be very patient to grow a full beard as it takes almost six to eight months to grow a full beard. Another dedication and commitment with a full beard is that it needs to be taken care of more than any kind of beard. Beard oil, beard comb and other accessories are a must haves when it comes to having a full beard.


The original stache is classic old school moustache. It stays right above the lip, simple, sleek and good to look at. The classic original moustache is always an iconic which makes you look like someone straight outta Mexican turf ! 


The horseshoe moustache gets stretched from all above the lip to straight down to the chin. When you’re wishing a rugged cowboy look for your face, horseshoe moustache is the perfect for you. As the saying goes, horseshoes are good for luck, maybe an horseshoe moustache will help you sail your day with good luck and fortune. 


Gunslinger beard is paired with horseshoe moustache. It’s a perfect moustache to stand out in crowd. Very rare, but attractive as gunslinger isn’t too popular these days. Gunslinger beard wouldn’t go well with office persons but it is a perfect moustache for people who either work from home or doesn’t have a very serious office protocol. Gunslinger is a perfect blend of both moustache and a beard.


A chevron moustache is quite similar to the original stache. Although, it’s even wider than the classic original moustache and hence covers the whole lip. The chevron moustache is shaped like a chevron and hence the name is well justified. 


Want least hair on your face but want it anyway ? Then pencil thin moustache is what you need for your facial hair. It’s extremely thin right above your lip. It’s very easily manageable and grows in no time. It’s thin, just like a pencil outlines your upper lip. 

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