Top 10 Chips Brands In India

Potato chips are one of the widely consumed snacks all around the globe. They are the perfect munchies to grab when you are tempting for something crunchy and flavorful. There are a lot of brands and types of chips that are popular in the Indian market. Here are the top 10 chips brands in India to look at!

Uncle chipps

The famous brand of Uncle Chipps was acquired by Amrit Agro limited. This range of potato chips is a perfect combination of flavors and great taste. This popular brand offers many munchy varieties like Spicy treat, Classic salted. Uncle Chipps is very popular in India and is loved by a variety of audiences.


Lay’s is a brand owned by PepsiCo and holds its position in one of the best-selling chips in India. Lay’s manufactures potato chips in a Wafer Style and is available in many authentic flavors. Lay’s have also made their place in the Indian market due to attractive packaging ideas.


It is a comparatively new brand in the wafer category but has created a successful place in the market in a very short time. It has become popular among the young generation with the help of its promotional campaigns like Mad angles and Bingo tedhe Medhe. These potato chips have unique and new shapes. They are manufactured under the ITC. Bingo serves a lot of varieties that are available in the market in ten different flavors like Achari masti, Chilli Shamaka, tomato madness, and many more.


Parle offers an amazing range of crispy potato wafers. Parle is an Indian food company that is famous for its biscuit brand Parle-G, KrackJack, 20-20, Hide & Seek, and Milano. Parle offers a range of mouth-watering potatoes wafers in six flavors, Aloo Chaat, Tangy Tomato, Classic Salted, and Piri Piri.


Pringles- a well-known brand in the wafer industry is potato snack chips which are owned by Kellogg’s. Pringles are available in several tempting flavors with exquisite tastes and aromas that lift your mind. It has various variants like Cheddar cheese, BBQ flavor, Ranch flavor, Dill pickle, Pizza flavor.

Balaji Wafers

Balaji Wafers and Namkeen Company manufactures wafers and namkeen in various flavors. The company has seen tremendous growth in the chips sector due to its various offers and today it is a major player of potato chips in India with its affordable prices and amazing taste with more quantity.

Haldiram’s Chips

Haldiram’s is a leading brand of potato chips as well as a restaurant chain in India. Haldiram also manufactures a variety of Indian sweets and snacks items. This brand features a wide selection of various flavored potato chips like Halke Fulke, Kettle chips, tangy tomato, pink pepper potato chips, Achari masti, Chilli, tomato madness, and much more you must try.

Kettle Studio

Kettle Studio is quite an unknown brand in India but it eventually making its place in the Indian market. Kettle Studio potato chips are made from high-quality ingredients like perfect potato and are cooked in the finest refined sunflower. Some popular flavors of Kettle Studio chips are sea salt, jalapenos and pepper jack cheese, balsamic vinegar, and paprika.

Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond company is the one that offers chips, namkeen, and rings. It is among the top snack manufacturing companies in India. The company is in Indore and is well known for its excellent processing & packaging.

Cornitos Chips

Cornitos chip is a unit of Greendot Health Foods Ltd. The brand offers several tempting flavors of Nachos which are Peri Peri, Cheese and Herbs, Thai Sweet Chili, Tikka Masala, Lime and Mint, Tomato Mexicana and Sizzlin Jalapeno. The brand is popular as it ensures zero trans fat, zero cholesterol, nitrogen flushed, and all-natural ingredients in its chips which make it a highly reliable brand.

Budhani wafers

Budhani Bros Waferwala is a brand which manufactures its product in Pune and offers crispy, tasty and high quality Potato chips and wafers in India. This reputed brand is known for its quality products and crispy wafers, potato mixture and salted peanuts.


This brand is not much advertised. This brand is another very popular chips brand among Indians. They manufacture ridged potato slices which comes in flavours like smoky cheese, mix of flaming hot spices and assorted sausages. It is owned by Frito lay.


This potato chips brand is based out from Malaysia. It manufactures chips that are crispy. This brand is certified as one of the super brands. These crinckle cut wavy potato chips are packed in red cylindrical boxes. It manufacture wafer cubes and potato crisps also, which have fine aroma with great taste.


It is a brand of Sri Shandar Snacks. It has manufacturing units in Kashipur, Uttarakhand. These potato chips have great taste. It has various flavours like smoky barbeque to Mexican salsa and Indian papdi chat, your taste buds would surely love it.

Visalakshi’s snacky

Snacky offers tasty potato chips with many packaged items such as roasted dry fruits, chana fry and assorted namkeens. They make potato chips in natural oils. They also manufacture customized potato chips as per your requirement. The potato chips are also available in small packets.

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