Top 10 Luxury Formal Watch Brands For Men

As there’s the famous saying, “you get all what you pay for when it comes to watches.”, and the saying is nowhere wrong as watches has been men best accessory over the period of a long time. Whenever you gotta make a style statement, watches are must-haves. Watches is a completion to rock your attire, from slick formal watches like Emporio Armani to sporty cool watches like Casio G Shock, every watch completes your attire according to the style you’re going for. 

Moreover, when it comes to formal watches you gotta be very careful about choosing the right brand because that provides you with a benchmark of perfection so on that note, here are 10 formal watch brands which are most trendy in the year 2020. 


Trending, affordable and durable since a couple of years now. Casio edifice couldn’t get beaten by any other brand when it comes to a watch that covers it all. Back in times, highly attractive watches with such heavy dials weren’t available to everyone as they were quite expensive but as soon as Casio edifice arrived in the market, money was no longer a problem because now you don’t have to spend around 30K to buy a beautiful and durable formal watch. 

Goes best with formals, can be paired with casuals but taking it for workouts is a big NO because that might scratch your beautiful timepiece. 


When it comes to corporate casual which these days are the most amazing substitute for formal clothing, Tommy Hilfiger is unbeatable. This Netherland watch company produces quite unornamented timepieces and that’s exactly what makes it all in fashion and trend. Tommy Hilfiger is best to be paired with polos and chinos. These beautiful watches will give you a yacht party like feeling to keep your day sailing beautiful even in those workspace cabins. 


Looking for a head-turner show off timepiece ? Citizen is exactly what you need. Based in Tokyo, this Japanese watch brand wasn’t so affordable until the quartz crisis in Japan. Well, that was a good news for watch enthusiasts because citizens were available comparatively cheaper now. After the quartz crisis, the watch brand has made a comeback through their latest Eco-Drive edition which runs on any natural or unnatural light. Sounds cool right? The specification is what makes it even more attractive and you don’t wanna miss buying something that unique and budget-friendly. 


Another Japanese watch brand that runs on quartz and is very popular in the market. Seiko is quite trending in their chain watches. They’re the Best Buy if you’re looking for a substitute for a Swiss-made watch price tag, comparatively cheaper and no less. 


There obviously isn’t any comparison when it comes to Swiss-made watches. Tissot is the leading brand for Swiss-made watches, it’s a perfect blend of unembellished and ingenious timepieces. Though comparatively expensive than all the other watches stated above, there’s isn’t any better choice if you’re looking for chronograph watches. 


Swatch is considered to be the cheapest amongst all the Swiss-made watches. People think they were actually created to make availability of Swiss watches to people at less price, which might actually be true. Your Nike sneakers can be best paired with a swatch as a teeny look is never old or goes out of style! 


Very famous for producing minimalistic watches, this American company which now comes under the famous watch company “Fossil”, happens to be very famous amongst office people. There are always these basic shades of colour and you just cannot wear a quirky or chromatic watch with these shades and that’s exactly when Skagen watches comes in!


The brand name itself is enough when it comes to Armani, The brand is always an eye candy for everyone across the globe. Though being pretty expensive, investing money in such timepieces is never a bad idea because if you’re carrying an Armani in your wrist, people know that you made it and you’re definitely standing out of the crowd. 


The brand that works for all, fossil is a brand that provides its assembly line to many which is clearly the reason why they’re perfectionists at creating a good watch in the ratio with its price. Fossil is very much in trend nowadays because of its attractive gold and rose gold dials which makes it stand differently amongst basic dial shades. 


Oh boy! The name is more than enough when it comes to Rolex. Not everyone’s cup of tea, brand Rolex is famous for generations for being pretty expensive. If you’re able to afford a Rolex people will know that you’re a big fish! The golden plated Rolex watches are another name for attractive. Rolex can not be hidden at any cost and these timepieces are definitely an aristocrat luxury many dreams of. 

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