10 Types Of Scotch Whiskey Brands

We all know how famous Scottish isles are for scotch whiskey production. Many amongst us are extremely enthusiastic when it comes to drinks and their combinations. Scotch whiskeys are not merely a drink but altogether a lifestyle and hence here’s a list of 10 best scotch whiskey brands along with their prices.


No doubt that Johnnie Walker is everybody’s all time favourite no matter what the edition is. Tastes like vanilla and dark fruit, this whiskey comes from highland regions. Created through blend of whiskeys this scotch can be best paired with lemon juice and ice cubes, top with club soda and stir well.


First came out in 1910, Created with single malt, grain and highly matured whiskeys to give you a vanilla flavour. The square bottles are pretty attractive and were originally created to be rescued during probation in America. This beautiful looking scotch is best mixed with grapefruit juice, ice and top with ginger ale.


Who would believe that a scotch like this would’ve been illegal at some point ? Well, that’s absolutely true. Iconic Scottish brand has been producing this 15 year matured whiskey over many years now and it’s almond flavour is totally unbeatable. Can be taken on the rocks or simply with water as the flavour is too soothing.


Tastes best with apple cider or maple syrup, this Scottish luxurious scotch comes from sherry oak casks. The scotch gives aroma of dried fruits and wood spice, which is absolutely perfect to cheer up your evening. Macallan is considered to quite price effective in the ratio of its quality.


As James Regal experimented mixing couple of well matured whiskeys together, this beautiful blend came up. A 12 year aged bottle contains flavours of vanilla, honey and ripe apple. Scotch can be paired best with club soda and ginger ale. Chivas is very popular in all the regions and the distillery makes sure that it reaches many continents. Although, as this specific bottle is rare, you should keep it for special occasions.


This latest release from Glenfiddich comes from American oak barrels (14 YEAR OLD). This bourbon gives a highly comforting and soothing effect and gives flavours of woody spices and ripe summer fruit. Goes best on the rocks or with simply ice cubes.


Talisker’s best, this newly year released scotch is best of highland distilleries. It’s a perfect blend of sherry sweetness and octane peat bombs. It tastes both bitter and sweet. Talisker is highly reviewed by people from all the regions and mostly people hunt for another bottle before finishing one !


Coming all the way from highlands of northern region, Old Pulteney is a perfect intersection of price and quality. Aged in ex bourbon barrels, tastes like vanilla, sweet and briny. Can be paired best with ice and top with club soda, but as these bottles are quite rarely available in some regions, it’s surely best to chug it without any addition to feel the exquisite flavours.


Matured in ex bourbon barrels, provides you with subtle taste and flavours. Won double gold in world spirits competition, this scotch never fails to impress. For any Glenlivet, the name itself is enough. For rarely available scotch like Nàdurra, we would suggest you to take it on the rocks to get the best out of it.


Matured for 21 YEAR OLD in ex Olorosso sherry casks, this scotch has flavours of butterscotch and sherry fruit. Mix it with little peat smoke and ice cubes for an easily drinkable scotch. Smells like apples and sherry fruit, this scotch can be the best Christmas gift you’re looking for!

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